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Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Review & Information

What strain is Strawberry Bliss Smalls? Strawberry Bliss Smalls is an award-winning strain that is created to fix the Dutch Cheeseberry strain. It is a champion in every way that every cannabis lover should experience its high and mouth-filling taste. Is Strawberry Bliss Smalls and Indica or Sativa? This flower is a sativa dominant strain […]

Grape Stomper Strain Review & Information

  What is Grape Stomper? Grape Stomper is the perfect morning toke. This sweet and subtle sour grape candy scent is pleasant and comforting. Known for hard-hitting full body energetic effects, Grape Stomper also aids with loss of appetite, anxiety, and depression.   Is Grape Stomper Indica or Sativa? Grape Stomper properties lean toward sativa. […]

Gelato Cake Strain Review & Information

What is Gelato Cake? Gelato Cake is a deeply relaxing strain, reserved for experienced users. Known for its potency and sweet flavor, Gelato Cake will at the same time: stimulate your appetite, relieve pain as well as stress, and cradle you to sleep. This profoundly sedating greenhouse grown strain will keep you calm all night […]

Best Indica Marijuana Strains in 2021 – Los Angeles

Although many people associate indica strains as a solely couch-lock inducing strain, indica has so many varieties with an array of effects. In addition to cradling you to sleep, indica may also allow you to feel peaceful and happy. Indica is also frequently used for conditions such as pain management, sleep disorders, and inflammation. There […]