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Cannabis Clones

  What Are Weed Clones? Weed clones are a genetic copy of a female cannabis plant. Growers prefer to raise cannabis clones in lieu of seeds as they’d rather make a copy of what already works. If growers use seeds, they risk getting a male plant with substandard features. Why risk a low yield when […]

How To Perfectly Light Your Joint

We have all been there. You’re done rolling your joint, you light up, and then it happens. The frustrating moment when your joint makes an unexpected asymmetrical burn. You know what happens next. Your joint opens up on the side and exposes your hard-earned flowers resulting in a waste of time and money. Today, we […]

8 Stages of Being High: What You Need to Know

Different Levels of High Since every person has a unique endocannabinoid system, there is no single cannabis experience that will be exact from person to person. Many customers have asked us, “What gets you the most high?”. Depending on their personal biological makeup, tolerance, strain used, and method of consumption, each high is special and […]

Weed Measurements Guide

Looking for straightforward information on weed measurements? Look no further, as today we are going to compact all the information you need to know in one short and sweet guide answering your most asked questions regarding weed measurements. How is Weed Measured? Weed is typically measured in grams, a way to measure small amounts for […]

What Are Weed Diamonds and How Do You Make This Super Pure Form of Cannabis?

What Are Weed Diamonds

Cannabis consumption methods are constantly evolving. The legal market drives innovation, giving consumers a plethora of solutions to get baked. Diamond concentrates are the latest way to get as high as humanly possible. If you are in the market for THC in its most pure form, look no further than the newest cannabis extract, diamonds. […]