Earn discounts for recyclING USED CONTAINERS!

Return your used jars and joint tubes purchased from Kushfly! Simply give them to your driver to recycle for you, and they will discount your order on the spot.

Jars are worth $0.50 for each qualifying item.Plastic joint tubes are worth $0.25 and glass joint tubes are worth $0.50 for each.

*Items must be purchased from Kushfly to qualify for discount. Due to carrying restrictions, the driver can only accept a maximum of 20 items (up to $10 recycle value) per delivery.




About Kushfly Recycling Rewards

Receive an instant discount on your Kushfly order when you return your empty jars and tubes to your driver. Enjoy the extra discount and let us do the recycling for you!

  • Recyle 3.5g Flower Jars, Receive $0.50 Recycle Value  
  • Recyle Glass Joint Tubes, Receive $0.50 Recycle Value  
  • Recyle Plastic Joint Tubes, Receive $0.25 Recycle Value  

All sales with recycle must still hit the minimum delivery requirement.

How I can receive recycling rewards? 

Do not throw away your empty jars and joint tubes! Let our drivers collect them and recycle for you. When you have an order from Kushfly, return recycling items to Kushfly driver. Your driver will subtract the total rewards value from your order total instantly.

I have bunch of jars and tubes. Can I recycle all of them?

Because our drivers have limited space, they won’t be able to accept more than 20 items at one time. You can still recycle these items on your next order.

Is there any minimum to be qualified for recycling rewards?

No, there’s no order minimum or minimum recycle value required to be qualified for rewards. You can recycle your empty jars and tubes to receive a discount on any order. Maximum 20 jars/ tubes = Maximum $10 discount 

I have empty jars and tubes from other store. Can I recycle them?

Only jars and joint tubes from the brands sold and purchased from Kushfly are qualified. Other brands or products purchased from other stores are not qualified for Kushfly’s recycling rewards program.