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Skip the hassle of rolling and enjoy our convenient pre-rolled cannabis joints.

In our wide selection, you’ll find perfectly rolled and ready-to-smoke joints bursting with flavor.

Browse the top pre-roll brands in California, including Los Exotics, LA Weeds, Marijuana Baba, 2020 Future, Jeeter, Smashed, Aloha, STNDRD, and more.

Order pre-roll delivery online today!

Buy Pre-rolls Online: Best THC Pre-rolls at Your Fingertips

At Kushfly, we offer premium pre-rolled weed joints with various weights, types, and THC potencies. Our carefully curated selection features single pre-rolls and pre-roll packs, coming in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.

Offering different tastes and effects, our flavorful cannabis pre-rolls simply allow you to adjust your experience to your taste and needs. Moreover, our pre-rolled joints are always ready to pass and share with your friends thanks to their perfect sizes.

And there is more!

You'll find a vast selection of infused pre-rolls in our online shop. These infused weed joints offer a convenient and potent way to enjoy both cannabis flower and concentrates in a single product. They are infused with oils, kief, or hash, and produce potent effects.

We feature infused pre-roll packs from the best brands, offering high-quality weed infused with liquid diamonds, dipped in hash oil, and completely covered in kief.

Our inventory is updated in real-time, and there are great options from stimulating sativa pre-rolls to potent kief-infused joints, handcrafted mini pre-rolls to relaxing indica pre-rolls.

Moreover, we offer jaw-dropping weed deals on popular pre-roll brands, ensuring you stock on your favorite pre-roll joints in Los Angeles.

Browse the best pre-roll weed products at affordable prices and easily find a perfect fit to complement your taste.

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Order Pre-roll Delivery in Los Angeles

Looking for fast and affordable pre-roll delivery in Los Angeles? Kushfly has you covered!

We deliver the top-shelf marijuana pre-rolls directly to your door. While on-demand pre-roll deliveries in Los Angeles area take just 1 hour, we also offer same-day delivery across Southern California.

Shopping for prerolls online with us brings appealing advantages like:

  • Quick and accurate delivery times

  • Products in discreet packaging

  • Live GPS for easy tracking

  • Low delivery fees, with free delivery options

Order joint delivery in Los Angeles now!

General Warning: When consuming cannabis pre-rolls, it’s important to exercise caution and be mindful of potential effects, as individual responses can vary. Check our Proposition 65 page for more information.


Is pre-rolls delivery legal in Los Angeles?

Yes, licensed services like Kushfly offer legal pre-rolled joint delivery in Los Angeles. All customers who are 21 years of age or older can order delivery.

Where can I buy pre-rolls online?

Kushfly offers the best pre-rolls in Los Angeles. Our online shop features many options of pre-rolled joints for sale, including sativa, indica, and hybrid pre-roll packs. Browse the most popular marijuana pre-rolls online and order pre-rolls delivery from the comfort of your home.

How do I order cannabis pre-rolls?

Ordering marijuana pre-roll delivery is easy and worry-free with us. Easily create your account, simply add products to your cart, fill in your information, select your payment and delivery method, and place your order. Our team members will contact you shortly to verify your order and ID.

What are the best pre-rolls in California?

Whether you are looking to buy a potent Jeeter pre-roll with kief or a single Los Exotics pre-roll, Kushfly offers the best pre-roll brands in California. They include LA Weeds, Marijuana Baba, 2020 Future, Jeeter, Smashed, and more. Pre-roll prices in our collection vary between $5 to $70. Shop premium pre-roll joints near you today.

Which payment methods are available?

We accept cash, Venmo, or credit card upon delivery. Please make sure the card has a chip and must match the name on order.

How many pre-rolls come in a pack?

Our online store offers weed prerolls in packs of 5, 6, 7, and 14.

Do I need a medical cannabis card to make a purchase?

All customers over the age of 21 years old with a valid government ID can order from Kushfly.

What are infused pre-rolls?

Infused pre-rolls are cannabis joints that have been infused with a cannabis concentrate to boost their potency.