Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints 2g

Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints contain an impressive 2G of top-quality weed cultivated from the best local cultivators. The effects are perfectly balanced to tantalize your senses. These prerolls come in various strains just waiting to be enjoyed.


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Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints 2g

If your looking for a cannabis joint experience that brings together the best of everything, than try Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints.

Each preroll contains an impressive 2G of top-quality weed cultivated from the best local cultivators, so you know your getting the highest quality stuff.

The effects are perfectly balanced to tantalize your senses and deliver an amazing time whether you’re planning to light up in the morning or the evening.

Plus, they come in various strains just waiting to be enjoyed.

Get ready to soar with Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints.

Available Strain


BlueBerryLicious boasts a robust indica profile characterized by it’s delightful combination of sweet and sour flavors, accompanied by subtle hints of diesel upon exhalation.

While it’s renowned for it’s effectiveness in alleviating pain, you can also anticipate a serene and soothing influence on your overall mood.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice is a sativa cannabis strain with invigorating citrus, fuel, and sweet aromas. It’s uplifting effects provide a clear-headed, euphoric high, enhancing focus and creativity.

This strain delivers a refreshing, energizing experience, making it ideal for starting the day or boosting motivation. Elevate your senses and embrace positivity with Pineapple Juice strain today!

Strawberry Squirt

Strawberry Squirt is an Indica cannabis strain, born from the genetic lineage of “Blueberry Muffin” and “Tangie.” This strain earns it’s name due to it’s aroma resembling the well-known soft drink, Squirt.

It produces an aroma and taste reminiscent of the famous soft drink, resulting in a delightful experience with notes of tangy grapefruit.

For those who enjoy edibles, you can also craft cannabutter from this strain and use it in baking delicious cookies.

The initial effects of this strain induce a sense of energy and euphoria, promoting feelings of happiness. However, as time passes, it’s Indica characteristics emerge, guiding users into a tranquil and laid-back state.

Peach Gobbler

Peach Cobbler stands out with a sweet, citrusy taste, infused with mouthwatering peach and herbal undertones. 

The aroma mirrors this, accompanied by a subtle nuttiness. The high is a delicious experience, initiating with a tingling sensation in the mind and neck, uplifting spirits, and inducing a blissful, slightly relaxed state. 

Phat Razz

Phat Razz is an excellent indica strain that offers sedating effects and a very appealing aroma. Get that solid preroll experience!

Slim Thicc Watermelon

This incredible Slim Thicc Watermelon strain will have you feeling balanced and ready for almost anything. Prerolls in hand, relaxation in progress.


How many grams does Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints contain?

Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints contains 2G of top-quality cannabis.

Which strains are available with Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints?

BlueBerryLicious, Pineapple Juice, and Strawberry Squirt strains are available with these prerolls.

Do pre-rolls get you more high?

Pre-rolls don’t inherently get you more high; the level of intoxication depends on the quality and quantity of the cannabis inside the pre-roll.

Can you buy pre-rolls in California?

Yes, you can buy prerolls online in California. Kushfly offers fast and discreet cannabis delivery to all parts of Los Angeles.

How much pre-roll should I smoke?

When deciding on the amount of a pre-roll to consume, we recommend to begin with a conservative approach. You might discover that even a single puff can be sufficient, especially if your new to this. However, it’s worth noting that for some users, smoking only half of the pre-roll or even just one-third can fulfill there desired effects.

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BlueBerryLicious, Peach Gobbler, Phat Razz, Pineapple Juice, Slim Thicc Watermelon, Strawberry Squirt



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