We are a small, family-owned business driven by a passion for cannabis. We carefully select our products as if they were for our own use, ensuring they are always fresh and of the highest quality.

Our mission is to make cannabis accessible in a safe, legal, and convenient manner. To achieve this, we collaborate with some of California’s finest cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and top brands.

At Kushfly, we treat our customers like family, striving to make your shopping experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Story

In the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, brothers Met and Melo identified a clear gap in the cannabis market: the absence of high-quality, fresh cannabis products delivered at reasonable prices. 

This realization led to the birth of Kushfly in 2015, founded in a small apartment with limited funds but a great deal of love and passion for cannabis. Determined to close this gap, they set out to transform the delivery service industry by focusing on quality and affordability.

Despite financial difficulties and the many challenges of a growing industry, Met and Melo’s dedication remained strong. They discovered the cannabis world, creating partnerships with trusted growers to ensure their offerings met high standards of excellence. Over the last decade, Kushfly has grown from a small operation to a well-known brand known for reliable, premium products. Its company culture has stayed true to its founders’ commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

Today, Kushfly is a tribute to the brothers’ vision and determination, offering high-quality and affordable cannabis delivery. Their journey from a modest start to industry leaders shows their deep commitment to making premium cannabis available to everyone in Los Angeles. 

Kushfly is more than a brand; it’s a community founded on love, passion, and a loyal dedication to excellence.

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Fast and Friendly Deliveries

We understand the importance of time and convenience, which is why our delivery service is designed to be as reliable, accurate, and friendly as possible. Our drivers are more than just delivery personnel; they’re the friendly faces of our brand, committed to bringing you your order swiftly and with a smile. With us, fast means not only quick but also careful and friendly.

A Family Affair

In our family-run business, every customer is treated as an extension of our family. This guiding principle shapes everything we do, from our interactions with you to the careful attention we give every part of our service. With us, you’re home.

Unmatched Customer Service

We believe in building relationships, understanding your preferences, and exceeding your expectations with our supportive staff. Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a returning friend, our expert customer service makes every interaction a positive and fulfilling one.

Exceptional Deals and Offers

Shopping with us is always exciting with unbeatable deals and great prices. We take pride in offering the best deals in the market, making each shopping journey with us both fun and rewarding. 

From deals and discounts to free gifts, loyalty rewards, and special merchandise, we ensure that every purchase brings you value and joy.


Passion for Cannabis

As true cannabis enthusiasts, our approach to selecting products is deeply personal. We handpick each item, carefully inspecting and experiencing the scents and visuals of our flowers, just as we would for our own use. In an industry where quality and freshness can sometimes be elusive, we stand committed to offering only the freshest, top-shelf products. Our customer-focused view ensures that you get to enjoy cannabis at its best every time.


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