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Chronic Candy Chocolate Nugs Review

Chronic Candy Chocolate Nugs Review

By this point, everyone and their mothers have heard of CBD. Because of its extensive benefits, people are using it for all different purposes, from pain relief to PTSD treatment. There are tons of ways to ingest CBD as well. Stores shelves are filled with vapes, capsules, creams, and edibles containing CBD. With all these […]

How can I earn rewards for referring new customers?

Here at Kushfly, we sincerely appreciate the love and support we get from our customers. We know that word-of-mouth is the best way to reach new people, that’s why we came up with two different ways to reward our loyal friends! What is the Kushfly affiliate program? Our affiliate program makes it very simple for […]

How to Use a Jetty Dablicator?

While we all adjust to the many changes and uncertainties in the new California regulations, one thing you can still count on is Jetty Extracts at Kushfly. This San Diego-based brand has been providing award-winning product since 2013 with clear intentions of improving every chance they can. But how to Use a Jetty Dablicator? How […]

Do You Love Being Outdoors? Ness Curated Best Vaporizers For Hiking, Camping & Backpacking!

If you love the outdoors, this is the post for you! This week, Ness went out in the wild and tested a variety of vaporizers and compiled a list of her favorites. Here is her story: Hello Kushfly crew! I recently went on a weekend camping trip in Joshua Tree and, as mentioned above, tested […]

Meet Ness and Her Very Own Curated Strains

Hey everyone! Check out our first installment of “Meet Kushfly” where we will introduce you to the best of the Kushfly team and some of their favorite products. Please meet Ness, Kushfly’s inventory manager extraordinaire, as she shares with you some of the hottest strains to keep you cool this summer. Meet Ness and Her […]

CBD and Your Dog: What You Need to Know

Did you know that humans aren’t the animals that have an endocannabinoid system? In fact, quite a few creatures of the earth (including your four-legged best friend!) have endocannabinoid systems running throughout their bodies, allowing them to take advantage of the therapeutic qualities of the cannabis plant. Why Use CBD for Your Dog Dogs don’t […]

Recipes For A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cannabis-Infused Lemonade Margarita INGREDIENTS Cannabis Infused Lemonades by G FarmaLabs ½ cup tequila blanco 2 TB Cointreau (or Triple Sec) DIRECTIONS Combine the cannabis-infused lemonade, tequila, and Cointreau with 1 cup of ice-cold water. Stir well. Fill 2 glasses with ice and divide the lemonade margarita into glasses. Serve immediately. Optional: garnish with lemon slices and […]

3 Easy Ways to Make Weed Brownies

So if you’re anything like me, you like to indulge yourself with a delicious and potent baked chocolate treat – if you get my drift. That’s right. Delicious, ooey-gooey, weed brownies. There are a lot of different ways to make cannabis-infused brownies and today I want to go over 3 different ways to treat yo’ […]