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What is Exotic Weed, and What are Exotic Cannabis Strains?

You may have heard the term exotic weed, popping up with friends, at the dispensary, or online. Exotic cannabis strains are rare finds that are extremely potent, blowing away traditional options, like Afghan Kush, Sour Diesel, and Blueberry. Keep reading to learn more about exotic weed in Los Angeles through Kushfly, a top cannabis delivery […]

What Is Weed Resin?

What Is Weed Resin?

Have you heard of weed resin? It’s a sticky, naturally occurring compound that’s secreted from cannabis plants. This sticky substance is filled with cannabinoids and terpenes and it also serves as a defense mechanism to the plant, protecting it from pests and larger predators. What is weed resin? If you’ve seen a cannabis bud up […]