10 Fun Things To Do While You’re High

Being stoned is one of the greatest natural joys life has to offer. While watching ‘Dumb & Dumber’ with your friends might be an enjoyable way to spend your time, there are tons of activities that cannabis can make much more fun.

We have put together a list of our top things to do while high. Next time you’re stoned, try some of these!

Best Things To Do While High At Home


Many cannabis strains evoke creativity you wouldn’t normally experience when you’re sober. Pick up some paint and a canvas at your local craft store, and let the Picasso inside of you come out!

You’ll be surprised how therapeutic painting can be, and you might even surprise yourself with your artistic talents.


With cannabis comes munchies, and what better way to fill your stomach than with a homemade meal? We know it might be tempting to order Postmates, but save yourself some money and get in the kitchen.

Cooking is a great way to relax and unwind, and let’s be honest, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a great cook, everything tastes better when you’re high.

Fun Things To Do While High
Cooking is a fun activity to do while high.


This one might come as a surprise, but it is extremely enjoyable to workout while high. If you smoke a sativa, it will just increase your energy, and you’ll be able to push yourself during your workout much harder than normal.

Read A Book

Grab a heavy indica and a great book, and get lost in the crevices of your imagination. Being high opens up new worlds in your brain, and with the right fuel, you will be able to imagine entire stories happening in your head.

This is a great choice for before bedtime as well, and you can let your worries drift away as your imagination takes over.

Listen To Music

When you’re high, your walls are down, and your emotions are free. Listening to music can trigger emotions that you may be suppressing in your everyday life. This is a therapeutic way to relax, let your mind drift, and live your high on fun!

Take A Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are so enjoyable when you’re high. The warm water and soft bubbles against the skin just feel like you’re wrapped up in a safe blanket.

Fun Things To Do While High
You’ll enjoy a bubblebath even more when you’re high.

Play A Board Game

If you’ve smoked up with a few friends, then try playing a board game. Games are fun at anytime, and when you’re high, they just become that much more enjoyable!

Fun Things To Do While High With Friends

Even when you’re high, you can sometimes get bored at home. Try these fun activities to do while you’re high that are outside of the house.

Go To The Movies

The darkness, loud audio, and huge screen create a perfect atmosphere to enjoy your high. Get lost in a few hours of an exciting move. Grab yourself a large popcorn and something to drink, and this might just be the most enjoyable evening of your week!

Fun Things To Do While High
Going to the movies is a great activity to do while high!

Go Out To Eat

Whether it’s your favorite fast food spot, or a fancy restaurant, dining out while high is always fun. Chances are, you’ll have the munchies at some point of your high, so why not fulfill your hunger with some delicious food you don’t have to cook?

Play A Sport

You might have to get a few friends for this one, but playing a sport while high is an enjoyable activity! It doesn’t have to be anything super competitive; even a friendly game of soccer would do. This is a great activity for riding a sativa high and having a ton of energy to get out!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of favorite fun things to do when high.


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