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If you ask stoners why they love weed so much, 99% of the time you will get the same answer “weed makes everything better!”. Yes, to most consumers, weed does make everything better and sex is no exception. History also shows that combining weed with sex goes back to ancient times. Weed is a plant of pleasure, so it is no surprise that it finds itself a significant place in the sexual life of consumers, but which strains of weed have the best effects, or can you actually find “the best weed for sex”?

We tried to compare some of the most popular types of weed people prefer to use for upgrading their pleasure and give you an idea of what to choose before the magic happens. Let’s start with the basics.

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How does weed affect your libido?

Weed is a friend of your health and this goes for your libido as well. We cannot say weed will instantly increase your performance in bed. but many of the studies state that consuming weed can lead to an improved libido and more satisfying orgasms, especially for female users.

Scientists agree on THC being a significant influencer on hormonal activity which has a big role in sex. Serotonin and dopamine are 2 of the major pleasure and joy hormones. These hormones are known for improving satisfaction during sex due to increased pleasure. Both serotonin and dopamine are released by nerve cells that have cannabinoid receptors.

Other primary hormones that have a role in sexual desire are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Scientists also state that these hormones have cannabinoid receptors.

So there’s your answer on this one. Weed activates almost every hormone that affects libido and pleasure. Keep in mind that the right dosage is another key factor for getting the best out of your sexual experience. As in all things, too much weed can backfire on your fantasies.

Indica or Sativa for sex?

Experts suggest that strains that give you a relaxing body high with the dash of euphoria are the best weed for sex, thus the indica dominant strains with high levels of THC should be your choice.

What are the best strains for sex?

We can put a lot of names on this list but to save you from the trouble we have a couple of picks for you. If you want premium sex, Lox Exotics Runtz Cream Cake can meet the demand. This indica strain with a whopping level of 28% THC is qualifiedenough to be your ride to pleasure city. Remember the dosage warning? You should keep that in mind while using this one or else you and your partner may want to do less active things in bed.

You could also enjoy LA Weeds Gush Mints, another indica strain that has a sweet flavor and relaxing euphoric effects, or the Blueberry Pie and the Grape Pie from LA Weeds can do the same trick with more relaxing benefits.

Limonene is a terpene and known for giving a citrusy fragrance to lemons, limes, oranges, and such. Studies suggest that this compound is also a great sex drive booster. Luckily the Wedding Cake from Cali Kush has loads of Limonene to support your libido. You could also have a look at Cali Kush Lava Fuel, another great choice to improve your intimate moments with your partner during the nighttime.

Best edibles for sex

We can not leave the edibles behind. As everybody knows, edibles have more longer and denser effects on both body and mind. The guidelines for the best type of weed are also the same for edibles. But due to their variety in form and other benefits, they can make things a little more interesting. Chocolate is one of the famous aphrodisiacs, thus what can be better than a THC infused chocolate. Have one piece from Whiz Edibles Dark Chocolate Bar and just enjoy the time being with your partner. If you are more serious with your THC, then you can go for something like STNDRD Indica Gummies Mixed Fruits but make sure to check your and your partner’s tolerance before taking it.

There you go, you got your answers on the topic. Consider what you learned today the next time you pick a flower before showing your skills in bed and remember; choosing the right partner is more important than choosing the right strain for better sex.

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Best Weed For Sex

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