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What Is Kratom?

What Is Kratom

Scientists say kratom may hold the key to treating chronic pain and may be a key tool in combating addiction to opioid medications. Advocates say the herb offers relief from pain, depression, and anxiety. But what exactly is kratom and why haven’t we heard of it before? Kratom is a tree that grows naturally in […]

Even More Reasons To Love CBD! Studies Explore The Benefits Of CBD Treatment

Studies Explore The Benefits Of CBD Treatment

Suffering from snoring? Dry skin? Sleeplessness? Eczema? Inflammation? Studies continue to explore the benefits of CBD treatment using CBD oil. CBD’s introduction into the mainstream started with medical applications in more serious circumstances. When individuals with epilepsy responded well to CBD oil, important scientific arguments were made and continue to be made because of its […]

CBD Oil Derived From Hemp Plants May Help With Migraine Relief

CBD Oil May Aid In Migraine Relief

You may often wake up from a deep sleep with a throbbing pain in the side of your head which hurts so bad it seems as though someone has taken a sledgehammer to your temple. You flip on your bedside light to search for your for insomnia medication but the light from the lamp seems […]

The Complete Guide To CBD

What is CBD? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the two most abundant cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant. Whether in oil, vapor, candies, or coffee, CBD is increasing in popularity for its effects on pain, chronic illness, inflammation, cancer, brain disorders, and much more. Read on to find out about CBD, how […]