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Edible Calculator FAQ

Edibles are a fun and effective way to use cannabis. Many consumers love making their edibles. Whether it’s infused chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or blondies, you need the percentages of oil or melted butter to develop a recipe that’s not weak and not too potent. But finding the right amount can be challenging. You want to enjoy your experience. Too little can be frustrating and lead to taking an extra serving, which rarely ends on a happy note. Our edible dosage calculator can help you perfect your recipe and make it the hit of any party.

Is the calculator only for Cannabis oil?

The edible dosage calculator is only for oils and melted butter. You’ll need to purchase the oil to know the total milligrams of THC. You can find this information on the label. At Kushfly, you can learn the milligrams per tablespoon before placing your delivery order.

Can the edible calculator help me find the right dose?

No. It will only calculate the total mg of THC per recipe. You’ll need to check a dosage chart. If you’re new to cannabis edibles, start with 5mg or 10mg and increase the dose every day until you find what works best. Avoid taking a second dose if it doesn’t work right away. Edibles can creep up, turning a fun experience into an unpleasant journey.

How long will the dose take to work?

Edibles must go through the digestion process before they enter the bloodstream. The onset varies for everyone between 30 to 90 minutes. You should wait a few hours before taking a second dose to prevent ingesting too much THC.

Does the dose determine how long the effects last?

The average duration for an edible is four to six hours, with a peak between two and five hours after ingesting it. However, some people can experience mild effects for 12 hours or longer.

Will I reduce my buzz if I eat before ingesting an edible?

Most consumers agree that eating before taking a THC brownie, cupcake, or cookie can improve the experience. 

Are there any other factors that might change how edibles affect me?

Yes. Some people with digestive disorders may take longer to digest edibles than those without gastrointestinal diseases.