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How Does A Strain Get Its Name?

Cannabis strains have become iconic symbols of the plant’s wide varieties.  From Sour Diesel to Pineapple Express, names like these often evoke certain expectations in cannabis consumers, drawing us to explore exciting combinations of varying THC and CBD levels, flavors, and more.  But do you ever stop to wonder how a weed strain gets its name? What […]

Cannabis and Coffee: The Perfect Combination

Cannabis and Coffee

Ahh, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and cannabis floating through the air.  If you’re a weed smoker with an affinity for coffee, then this pairing is music to your ears.  And if you’ve never tried it before?  Don’t worry; we’re here to explain why there’s no better combination than cannabis and coffee!  Whether […]

5 Great Ways to Enjoy Weed In Los Angeles

a hand holding a joint with a bag of weed on venice beach - weed activities in Los Angeles

There’s no shortage of options for weed smokers looking to join an excellent weed activity in Los Angeles.  Whether you’re exploring the local offerings or seeking out the city’s more exclusive finds, the City of Angels offers a fantastic variety of smoking spots, weed friendly restaurants, tours, activities, and more. We’ve rounded up some key […]