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Will Using Hemp CBD Lead To A Failed Drug Test?

Will Hemp CBD Lead To A Failed Drug Test?

By this time, you have probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD), the unbelievable chemical in the cannabis plant that offers relief from pain, stress and much more without producing a high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can. CBD is deemed secure, nonintoxicating and without potential for misuse, so it greatly benefits people looking to use cannabis’s healing powers […]

All Of Your Questions About CBD Answered

All Of Your Questions About CBD Answered

Cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD, is a compound that is derived from various parts of the cannabis plant, such as the stalks, leaves, the flowering parts, and the seeds. It had been used traditionally in early times by different doctors to assist with certain ailments. However, as time passed by, cannabis became more popular […]

Marijuana Delivery Making Its Way Into Barneys New York

Marijuana Delivery Making Its Way Into Barneys New York

High-end department store Barneys New York has given the marijuana lifestyle the luxury therapy, selling a variety of pot-themed goods this week in the most recent sign a medication once related to bohemians and deadbeats is moving up the social ladder. Barneys also offers sales representatives to assist customers with the process of ordering marijuana […]

“Kush”- What Is It?!

Cannabis can be categorized in several various ways. Typically, this resinous flower is categorized as sativa, hybrid, or indica, based on the morphology of this plant. But cannabis can be further categorized via a vernacular defined by the popular culture, including Kush, Haze, and Purple. These terms refer to types of cannabis characterized by distinct […]

Merry Kushmas! How old traditions began, and how you can start making new ones- with cannabis!

Merry Kushmas

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time for decorating Christmas trees, kissing under the mistletoe, spending quality time with loved ones, and of course –  cannabis! But how and where did Christmas traditions begin? And how in the world can you incorporate cannabis into your holiday? Look no further, friends! In […]

Cannabis Taxes Explained

If you’ve purchased cannabis in the past few months, then you have likely noticed something a little extra on your receipt. The days of tax-free cannabis in California are long gone. Ah, taxes. We pay them on boats, clothes, cars, homes, and now cannabis, too. If you need some guidance on exactly what taxes consumers are required to pay, […]

5 Best Cannabis Destinations for Spring

Las Vegas, Nevada: Nevada is one of the newest states to allow recreational marijuana use, and you can now purchase directly from a dispensary without the need for a medical marijuana card. Make sure you take cash though, because dispensaries don’t accept debit or credit cards since the plant is still federally illegal!Grab a blunt […]