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Cannabis and Coffee: The Perfect Combination

Cannabis and Coffee

Ahh, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and cannabis floating through the air.  If you’re a weed smoker with an affinity for coffee, then this pairing is music to your ears.  And if you’ve never tried it before?  Don’t worry; we’re here to explain why there’s no better combination than cannabis and coffee!  Whether […]

14 Unforgettable Weird Films to Watch With Weed

Do you like the “What did I just watch?” feeling after seeing a stunning film that is hard to define? We love it. Cinema always has been able to produce beautiful experiences. And sometimes the films can be haunting.  They stay with us. We keep pondering its intertwined narrative layers, characters, uncanny atmospheres… And a […]

5 Great Ways to Enjoy Weed In Los Angeles

a hand holding a joint with a bag of weed on venice beach - weed activities in Los Angeles

There’s no shortage of options for weed smokers looking to join an excellent weed activity in Los Angeles.  Whether you’re exploring the local offerings or seeking out the city’s more exclusive finds, the City of Angels offers a fantastic variety of smoking spots, weed friendly restaurants, tours, activities, and more. We’ve rounded up some key […]

Merry Kushmas! Check Out Our Holiday Cannabis Guide!

Merry Kushmas! Check Out Our Holiday Cannabis Guide!

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! A time for decorating Christmas trees, kissing under the mistletoe, spending quality time with loved ones, and of course –  cannabis! But how and where did Christmas traditions begin? And how in the world can you incorporate cannabis into your holiday? Look no further, friends! In our […]

Best Songs About Weed | Kushfly’s Favorites

Cannabis songs have been a mainstay of popular music for decades, from Bob Marley’s “Kaya” to Young Thug’s “Stoner.” Artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Willie Nelson have devoted their entire lives to allying with the magical plant, creating some of the best music ever. The majority of the world’s countries still forbid the […]

What Are THC drinks ? 5 Cannabis-Infused Drinks You Can Order In Los Angeles

Cannabis edibles are any meal or drink that has been mixed with the activated cannabis concentrate. The market put infused edibles into 2 groups;  edible cannabis solids, such as chocolates or gummies, and edible cannabis beverages. How Should Someone Choose a Cannabis Drink? Today’s cannabis consumer has a variety of alternatives when selecting an infused […]

Weed Culture In Los Angeles

As Los Angeles adjusts to its new role as a destination for legalized marijuana, a growing number of customized excursions are being provided, paving the way for marijuana tourism in the region. Los Angeles is a tourist hotspot. Apart from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the City of Angels offers movie set excursions, celebrity home […]