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Illinois Weed Laws


Illinois weed laws: Is weed legal in Illinois? Medical and recreational weed is legal in Illinois. Legislation history The history of cannabis legislation in Illinois dates all the was back to 1931, when the state outlawed it. Use of cannabis remained illegal until 1978 when the state passed the Cannabis Control Act. Although the act […]

UFC Will No Longer Punish Athletes For Marijuana Use


On Thursday, the UFC and U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced that it would no longer punish athletes for positive cannabis tests. Positive tests will no longer be considered a violation to the policy “unless additional evidence exists that an athlete used it intentionally for performance-enhancing purposes.” What the UFC is saying about marijuana use UFC […]

Nevada Marijuana Laws


Nevada marijuana laws: Is weed legal in Nevada? According to the Nevada marijuana laws, recreational and medical weed is currently legal in the state. Legislation history In 2000, The Medical Use of Marijuana Act, or Question 9, was approved by 65.4% of voters in Nevada. This legalized the home cultivation of marijuana for medical use […]

NBA May Permanently End Cannabis Testing Among Players

NBA May Permanently End Cannabis Testing Among Players

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NBA enacted a temporary policy to end cannabis testing among players during the 2020-2021 season. This past week the league’s commissioner, Adam Silver, said the temporary ban may become permanent. Will the NBA stop testing for cannabis among players? Silver told NBS’s Today Show, “We decided that, given all the […]