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Happy 710! Here’s What 710 OIL Day Is All About!

Happy 710! Here's What OIL Day Is All About!

You may have heard the news.. it’s 710! But aside from being July 10th, what does ‘710’ actually mean? 710 is the recognized holiday for smoking potent cannabis oil products. Just like ‘420’, ‘710’ is a term used by cannabis lovers to celebrate dabs, vapes, cartridges, and anything oil related. The number 710 actually spells ‘OIL‘ […]

Weed Weddings Are A Thing – And Here’s Why They’re Amazing

Weed Weddings Are A Thing - And Here's Why They're Amazing

Attending a wedding can be much more fun for singles when marijuana is involved. In fact, it’s a lot more fun for everyone involved. That’s why weed weddings are becoming the latest thing in states like California and Colorado where cannabis is legal. In 2017, the first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Denver. Couples […]

The Evolution Of Cannabis Edibles

The Evolution Of Cannabis Edibles

When most people think of cannabis edibles, pot brownies immediately come to mind. But cannabis edibles actually have a wide and diverse history that date back to the 10th century in India. In India, Bhang was, and still is, a popular drink in the Indian subcontinent. It’s a mixture of pulverized weed, ghee (clarified butter), milk […]

Post Malone’s Hemp Company, Sherbinskis Donates 40k Face Masks

Post Malone's Hemp Company Donates 40k Face Masks

About a year ago, Post Malone rolled out his lifestyle brand Shaboink, and debuted his line of hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls called Sherbinskis. But given the recent events, the young rapper decided to switch his priorities to address a new call to action, the devastating outbreak of COVID-19 in America. Over the past few months, the […]

Legal Weed In Lebanon?

Legal Weed In Lebanon?

Lebanon has become the first Arab country to legalize cannabis for medical and industrial use. Lebanon has one of the highest debt-GDP ratios in the world, and many experts have welcomed the decision in light of the countries money problems. The high revenue from cannabis exports could generate $1 billion in annual revenue for Lebanon. […]