Best Sativas For Workout | 4 Flowers You Can Order In Los Angeles

While smoking weed has an undeserved image of making people sluggish and sleepy, this isn’t always the case. Certain strains can provide users with a cerebral, energetic high that not only motivates them to go to the gym but also gives them the energy they need to put in a great workout.

Are sativa strains good for working out?

The University of Colorado-Boulder surveyed 600 cannabis users over the age of 21 who lived in legalized states about their cannabis and exercise routines in a 2019 study published in Frontiers in Public Health. According to the findings, the average marijuana user exercises more than the average American. The data also showed that cannabis users who ingested it an hour before a workout or within four hours of working out reported 43 minutes more activity per week than cannabis users who did not consume it before or after working out.

Additionally, while we’re on the subject of debunking stereotypes, a 2014 study published in the United States National Library of Medicine discovered that persons who use cannabis have lower BMIs and obesity risks than those who don’t. Finding a strain that has the desired impact at the right time is the key. A sativa strain may be better for pre-workout recovery, whilst an indica strain may be better for post-workout recovery.

Energetic sativa strains you can order in Los Angeles

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Jack Herer

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    Jack Herer
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Jack Herer is one of the most well-known sativa-dominant strains on the planet, with a boosted and invigorating high that’s ideal for a day when you need a little extra motivation to get up and moving. The benefits will hit you practically as soon as you exhale, flooding your brain with an elevated sense of clear-headed happiness and motivation, which will be accompanied by an increase in creativity and attention. In this mood, you’ll find it easy to strike up a conversation about anything and everything, from philosophy to your favorite meals. These benefits, combined with its high THC content of 26.7 percent, make Jack Herer an excellent choice for treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression, headaches, and migraines.

Amnesia Mac Ganja

Amnesia Mac Ganja is a sativa dominant strain that is quite rare. This award-winning strain has a THC content of 28.8% and produces stunning full-bodied effects. Prepare for a super-charged high with this bud. Amnesia Mac Ganja catches you in a few seconds after your first exhale, ripping your mind from reality and propelling it into a state of elevated pleasure. As your mind soars through creative contemplation, this experience can soon turn psychedelic, which can be overwhelming for some. Your body will remain rooted with a gentle sense of relaxation that will not weigh you down in the least as your mind soars to new heights. Due to these effects and the high THC content.

Lemon Vuitton

Lemon Vuitton is a completely euphoric effect that will leave you feeling incredibly pleased and lifted for hours. The high begins with a gradual effect, sneaking up on you and blasting flying happiness into your consciousness. A relaxing body high will gradually wash over you as your cerebral state reaches this degree of perfect joy, lulling you into a peaceful state that will have you kicked back without sedation or tiredness. If you have things to do, keep in mind that this combo can soon turn stony. With these effects and a THC content of 26.3 percent,

Honey White

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Honey White is the ideal daytime strain with a THC content of 26.9%. It is a really good choice if you are in need of a quick energy boost. From start to finish, the Honey White high will leave you feeling pleasant, gregarious, and creative, with relaxing but uplifting effects. As soon as you exhale, you’ll feel joyful, devoid of any unpleasant or rushing thoughts. This is accompanied by an increase in inventiveness and sociability, which are both beneficial in any social scenario. This intellectual boost is accompanied by a gentle physical sensation that gets you up and moving.

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