7 Highest THC Strains to Try in 2024

Highest THC Strain in Los Angeles

Are you looking for the strongest weed strains that will hit you hard and boost your joy right away? Then, you’ll love this one.

Here we dive deep into the Highest THC strains you can buy online in Los Angeles and enjoy some top-shelf buds for an intense cannabis experience.

Let’s dig in.

Strongest Weed Strains in Los Angeles

Permanent Marker X Push Pop

Permanent Marker X Push Pop strain offers a truly extraordinary experience with a rapid onset and gentle elevation.

You may feel a buzzing sensation that swiftly transitions into euphoria and tranquility. This bud also provides a powerful head high and a deep-seated couch-lock effect.

Highest THC Strains - Permanent Marker X Push Pop
Permanent Marker X Push Pop Weed Strain

Permanent Marker X Push Pop features a robust and intense flavor palette, a diesel-like undertone, and a refreshing exhale reminiscent of citrus.

THC: 32.90%

Kush Mintz

If you want the highest THC flower that will bring you a relaxing effect on your body as well as cerebral buzz for your mind, Kush Mintz is to the job.

The effects will have you kicking back and sleeping if you’re not careful. It begins with a warming sensation in the spine, followed by a deep, pervasive sense of relaxation.

Strongest Weed Strains - Kush Mintz
Kush Mintz Weed Strain

This indica strain has an incredibly crisp, minty flavor with overtones of fresh coffee and earthy cookies. The aroma includes earthy-sweet woods and a rich spicy coffee with a strong mint kick.

THC: 33.24%

Formula Z

Considered among the highest THC strains, Formula Z, deriving its name from the lightning-fast effects that hit you like a Formula One racecar, is the real deal.

Its effects are nearly instant, surging through your mind and enveloping you in euphoria. This strain delivers uplifting effects that typically transition into sedative relaxation, relieving stress and pain.

Highest THC Strains in Los Angeles - Formula Z
Formula Z Weed Strain

This bud offers a delightful taste featuring sweet fruity notes and a gently sour citrusy diesel exhale. Its aroma combines earthy diesel and sour citrus, enriched by subtle hints of sweet florals and spice.

THC: 33.48%

Jet Fuel Runtz

Jet Fuel Runtz is a strong indica strain that might make your mind feel misty and disoriented at first. But don’t worry; this feeling gives way to a calming bodily relaxation that strengthens as time passes. It’s not super energizing, but you can sustain mental clarity, chat with others, and get things done.

Jet Fuel Runtz Weed Strain

As a member of Runtz strain family, this bud has distinct qualities, featuring blossoms with a gentle fragrance reminiscent of coffee or cocoa, tinged with a subtle fruity hint. It delivers primarily dank notes, complemented by a slight sweetness and a touch of pepper upon exhaling.

THC: 32.03%

Lavender Jones

Lavender Jones immediately puts you at ease as you indulge in its calming effects.

This high THC hybrid induces feelings of relaxation and euphoria, making it an excellent choice for managing stress, anxiety, and pain. It’s even rumored to have some arousing properties, making it a user favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Lavender Jones
Lavender Jones Weed Strain

Lavender Jones cannabis strain offers a delightful aroma of sweet floral haze with a grape undertone, while the taste is equally sweet with floral and grape notes.

THC: 30.90%


F1 sativa strain acts fast, starting with a happy and creative boost to your mind. It brings a burst of motivation and a tingly feeling that makes you want to get up and move. You’ll immediately feel the uplifting high, bringing energetic euphoria and creativity.

F1 Weed Strain

It has a sweet fruity flavor with a lightly sour citrusy diesel exhale. The aroma is of earthy diesel with a touch of sweet florals and spice. You’ll get hit with a flavor profile including Earthy and Pine, ending with a blast of Flower on the exhale.

THC: 31.7%

Lemon Cherry Gelato

We finish our list with Lemon Cherry Gelato, another amazing high THC strain. Offering an intoxicating sour citrus scent with earthy and pine undertones, and mouth-watering tropical fruity flavors, this bud has everything you need.

Highest THC Strains 2024 - Lemon Cherry Gelato
Lemon Cherry Gelato Weed Strain

It provides a refreshing effect that relaxes you but doesn’t destroy all energy. So while you won’t be able to complete an all-day chore list, you’ll have the spirit and creativity to finish a few tasks with a little daydreaming. Plus, you will stay focused.

THC: 31.10%


What are the highest THC strains in Los Angeles?
Lavender Jones, F1, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Formula Z strains are among the highest THC strains in L.A..
Where to buy highest THC strains in Los Angeles?
Kushfly offers various high THC weed strains online, all available for delivery.
What strains have long-lasting effects?
Permanent Marker X Push Pop, Kush Mintz, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Jet Fuel Runtz strains offer long-lasting effects.
What are the strongest weed strains?
Among the popular weed strains, we recommend potent buds like Lemon Cherry Gelato, Lavender Jones and Jet Fuel Runtz.
What makes a strain potent?
The potency of a cannabis strain are primarily based on its THC level and cannabinoid profile.
Is Sativa more potent?
Sativas mostly have a much higher THC ratio than indica varieties.
What is the most potent indica strain?
Jet Fuel Runtz stands out as one of the most potent strains of indica.
What is the strongest sativa?
The strongest sativa strains include F1 and Lemon Royale.


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