The Best Cannabis Strains To Enjoy At The Beach

The Best Cannabis Strains To Enjoy At The Beach

Are you up for enjoying your weed at beach paradise? If so, then you’re in luck!

Whether it’s taking in some rays or hitting up some local lounges for live music, there’s always something fun going on at the beach. And the best part is doing it all while enjoying one of these delicious weed strains!

In this post, we’ll provide some perfect strains for your beach trip – from calming indicas to stimulating sativas…

So grab your flip flops and light up; here are our favorite cannabis flowers for smoking at beaches worldwide.

Perfect Cannabis Strains For A Nice Beach Trip

Lemon Pepper

The effects of Lemon Pepper have been described as energizing and mood-lifting, delivering a burst of energy that inspires laughter and an uncontrollable appetite.

Upon inhaling the enticing aroma, you’ll detect a combination of citrusy sweetness, hints of ammonia, and a pinch of peppery spice. It’s one of the most suitable cannabis strains for your beach trip.

Best Cannabis strains to Enjoy at the Beach - Lemon Pepper
Lemon Pepper

Jealous ZaZa

Jealous Zaza hybrid flower‘s alluring effects becomes apparent almost instantly. This strain boasts a rich and sweet aroma woven with notes of citrus and diesel, accompanied by a potent pungency that is tough to keep low-key.

The flavor is akin to Gelato strain and candy, carrying a rich earthy tone and a notable presence of citrus thanks to the Limonene terpenes within it.

Italian Ice

Italian Ice is known for inducing a gentle and tranquil sensation in users. Its calming effects can induce a sense of serenity that aids in diminishing stress and easing anxiety.

The aroma is pleasantly sweet and fruity, interwoven with subtle musky undertones, resulting in a genuinely intricate and unparalleled scent.

Best Strains for Beach
Italian Ice


GG#4 strain, aka “Gorilla Glue #4”, is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed sleepy and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. The onset of the high gradually emerges, building its impact over time, progressively imbuing your mind with an elevated euphoria and a gentle surge of creative vitality.

It has a strong, earthy smell and is famous for making you feel relaxed and happy, and a mix of chemical and chocolate flavor, along with a noticeable diesel undertone.

Tropicana Cherry Smalls

This sativa beauty is absolutely one of the best cannabis strains for beach. It has a powerful, energizing high to help you through an hectic day without feeling foggy.

Tropicana Cherry Smalls

It packs flavors of sweet and sour citrus wrapped up with overly ripe cherries and earthy nuttiness, intensifying in fruitiness the more that you toke.


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