10 Amazing Cannabis Product to Try in 2024

10 Amazing Cannabis Product to Try in 2023

Welcoming the new year with inspiring and enjoyable cannabis products means a lot.

Today we will show you the best cannabis products you need to try in 2024.

As Kushfly, we dive deep into these beauties compatible with various tastes and preferences.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Los Exotics Black Runtz

Want to chill a bit?

Then you’ll love Black Runtz strain.

Black Runtz Strain delivery in Los Angeles.

A combination of “Zkittlez” and “Gelato”, Black Runtz strain is a superb choice for relaxation.

It gets better:

This indica strain’s creamy and citrus aroma and potent sweet berry flavor are something else.

With its palpable aura, you can watch a feel-good movie or play an inviting video game!

THC: %30.2

Los Exotics Black Candy 

A hybrid between “Black Diamond” and “Purple Candy”, Black Candy strain offers a smooth smoke and a woody and sweet flavor profile.

Black Candy Strain delivery in Los Angeles.

Having a sticky, semi-dense texture, this indica cannabis stands out with its charming smell that makes you crave more.

Very cool.

Thanks to its restful effect, having a nice massage and relaxing your muscles might be perfect.

THC: %33.4

La Weeds Runtz

Indulge yourself in a euphoric and stimulating effect that lasts for hours.

La Weeds Runtz is a hybrid strain that brings a joyful and smooth smoke experience.

Runtz strain delivery in Los Angeles

In other words:

Runtz cannabis strain’s sweet and fruity flavor profile, and its smell just like a bag of candy, you’ll have a superb smoke session.

Don’t forget about the “Puff Puff Pass” rule!

THC: 27.7%

La Weeds Chem de La Chem #10

The solution is simple if you want to be focused and productive and spend a socially active day.

Chem de la Chem #10 cannabis strain is perfect for clinging to the day. 

Chem de La Chem #10 Strain Delivery in Los Angeles.

This sativa strain, a hybrid between “Chemdog” and “i95”, will give you a euphoric feeling.

Its sweet, creamy, earthy flavor and enjoyable aroma are surprising!

Since you will be lively by smoking it, an inspiring walk could suit you well.

THC: %28.8

Green Crack Disposable Vape

Finding a cannabis product suitable for any time of the day can be REALLY hard.

elite extracts disposable vape delivery in los angeles

Fortunately, Green Crack Disposable Vape (1g) offers all you need to get a much better sense of a cannabis strain’s taste and aroma.

With this energizing sativa, you will have the pure cannabis experience and feel fulfilled.

And you’re set.

THC: 91.6%

Jealousy Sherbert Hash

Does this sound familiar?

You come home after a busy day.

Jealousy Sherbert Hash weed delivery in Los Angeles

And the first thing you realize is you need something intense.

Jealousy Sherbert Hash (1g) comes right in at this point. One of the hottest concentrates on the market, it will bring a lucid intensity full of euphoric feeling.

THC: %67 THC

Whiz Edibles Pineapple Kush Syrup

Are you up for a potent drink that will have you locked on the couch in a total euphoric buzz for hours?

Pineapple Kush Syrup will do it.

Whiz Edibles Pineapple Kush Syrup delivery in Los Angeles

This dank beverage is infused with natural grape flavor extract. Coming with 1000mg THC, you can mix some into your favorite soda or enjoy a spoonful solo.

Since it is a potent drink, we recommend mixing it with juice or soda in a serving amount.

Sour Citrus Gummies

Sour Citrus Gummies might be our favorite cannabis product.


sour citrus delivery in los angeles

Because it consistently delivers a rich and astounding edible experience.

Put another way:

Each bite sized gummy is handcrafted to ensure top quality and delicious flavor!

There are 10 gummies in each box. Each one contains 100mg THC, with 1000mg TCH total in a package.

STNDRD Sour Citrus cannabis infused gummies are made with all natural cannabis-derived terpene blends. 

Los Exotics Specialty Hybrid

Sense of premium has never been in this compact and rolled form. 

Los Exotics Speciality Hybrid Prerolls are the perfect joints that ease your mind and body.

Los Exotics Specialty Hybrid 7 Pack preroll delivery in los angeles

There is more:

They offer all the benefits of a hybrid flower with earthy and citrusy flavors that will serve as a feast for your nostrils and tastebuds.

It comes with 7 Pack.

THC: 24%

LA Weeds Classic Sativa

Needless to say, feeling motivated for a creative day is a must.

Boosting your body sensations, LA Weeds Classic Sativa can give you a great day as a gift with its supreme effects.

LA Weeds Classic Sativa 14 Pack Delivery in Los Angeles

As soon as you light one, you will feel the cheerfulness that will hug your body and spread the positivity you inhaled.

It comes with 14 packs.

THC: 24% THC

Get Cannabis Products Delivery in Los Angeles Today

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You can satisfy all your marijuana needs with our highly curated product catalogue right now.

And the best way to do that?

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