10 Best Edibles Brands In Los Angeles 2024


Ready to up your cannabis game? Whether you’re a marijuana connoisseur or just getting into the green stuff, Los Angeles is home to some of the best edibles brands in the world.

From artisan chocolates and tinctures to peanut butter cups and bubble gum chews, there’s something for everyone when it comes to treats infused with that special herb.

So let’s take a look at best edible brands of Los Angeles!

Best THC Edibles In LA

Kushfly raises the bar for the best edibles delivery in Los Angeles. We strive to provide our customers with the greatest quality cannabis edibles from the best brands in the shortest time possible.

THC gummies, bars, taffies, beverages, cookies, brownies, as well as CBD edibles are available on our menu seven days a week. We also run daily specials to ensure that you get the most value out of your purchase.


STNDRD Edibles are manufactured using terpene combinations derived entirely from cannabis. They constantly provide a powerful and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Each item is handcrafted to assure superior quality and flavor!

STNDRT Edibles

These delectable treats are suitable for consumption at any time of day.


Thicc edibles have emerged as a popular and enticing option for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a potent and prolonged experience.

These delectable treats are infused with higher concentrations of THC, resulting in a heightened and long-lasting effect. Thicc edibles are carefully crafted to provide a more intense journey into the world of cannabis.

With their enticing flavors and enhanced potency, these edibles have captivated the attention for an alternative way to enjoy cannabis. Explore best weed gummies Los Angeles!

Whiz Edibles

Prepare to have the time of your life when you try Whiz Edibles. Bite-sized chocolates, cookies, and liquid shots from the company are infused with high-quality THC and make a great sweet snack any time of day!

Whiz Edibles Cookies

Don’t be fooled by there diminutive size; these tiny snacks deliver a powerful punch!


FKEM produces tasty and effective gummies in a range of flavors and dosages. FKEM edibles provide an elevating buzz and a burst of positive energy while also satisfying the taste sensations.


That’s for sure: FKEM is one of the best edibles brands in Los Angeles.

Sticky AF

Experience the joy of diverse cannabis encounters with utmost delight! Introducing Sticky AF products, the ultimate catalyst for your exploration. Sticky AF stands as a leading cannabis brand, providing an extensive range of edibles tailored to help you discover your ideal match.

Indulge in the delectable world of Sticky AF’s best tasting edibles, and ensure an unforgettable journey of diverse and pleasurable encounters.


Lyt, located in Los Angeles, is a renowned cannabis brand specializing in the creation of exceptional weed-infused edibles.

LYT Edibles Chocolates

Devoted to delivering the highest quality products, Lyt brand stands out in the market of cannabis edibles. Each and every edible is meticulously crafted to ensure an extraordinary experience for consumers.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a curious newcomer, Lyt caters to all preferences and desires. Indulge in Lyt’s cannabis offerings, the best edibles in LA.


Smashed Chocolates, Gummies, and Candies are lovingly handcrafted, in Los Angeles. The brand’s delectable snacks are an excellent alternative for individuals who want to benefit from THC without smoking.

Smashed Edibles Gummies

They are handy with cool packages. you can munch on them anywhere, at any time! It’s surely one of the best edibles brands in Los Angeles.


Here is truly one of the best edibles brands in Los Angeles… Swifts edibles Los Angeles brings you top-notch cannabis gummies with delectable flavors.

To elevate your THC edibles game, you better not to miss these awesome products.

Hemp Bombs

Quality is built from the ground up at Hemp Bombs. They get there Industrial Hemp from American farms, and it’s cultivated on land that’s free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

hemp bombs CBD Hemp Gummies

An in-house team of experts is involved in the extraction, manufacturing, and packaging of products in there state-of-the-art CBD manufacturing facility. From the moment they leave the factory floor until they arrive at your front door, Hemp Boms ensures a high-quality CBD experience.

Stack’N Trees

Stack’N Trees is one of the best edible brands that offers delicious weed gummies and candies at top quality! Indulge in today best weed edibles it offers and elevate your next sesh with these!

How We Made The List of Best THC Edibles Brands?

After meticulous research and careful evaluation, we have curated a selection of the finest THC edible brands, each exemplifying excellence in every aspect.

Our criteria for choosing these best-in-class brands revolve around their outstanding brand reputation, a track record of trustability, and unwavering commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients.

Furthermore, these brands have consistently demonstrated impressive sales figures, a testament to their popularity and customer satisfaction.


What edibles have the highest THC content?
Cannabis concentrates, such as hash oil or distillate-infused edibles, typically have the highest THC content.
What happens when you eat 50 mg THC gummy bears?
You may experience a strong effect due to the high concentration of THC. It depends on your tolerance, metabolism, and other factors, but it can potentially result in intense euphoria, altered perception of time, and heightened sensory experiences.
What are the best gummies to get high on?
We recommend Whiz Edibles Doobie Doo Cookies, FKEM Blueberry Blizzard Gummies, and Lyt Ube Bae Chocolate Bar.
How many gummies should I eat to feel high?
It's advisable to start with a low dose (5-10 mg) and gradually increase as needed.
How long should a gummy high last?
The duration of a gummy high can vary depending on individual factors, but typically it can last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.
What is a Good THC level for Gummies?
The ideal dosage of THC gummies is influenced by various factors, such as tolerance, previous experience with THC, body weight, and metabolism. To start, we advise to begin with a low dose, typically ranging from 2.5mg to 5mg of THC per gummy, and then adjust the dosage as necessary.
What Does it Feel Like to be High on Edibles?
Being high on edibles can feel intensely relaxing, euphoric, and disorienting, with heightened sensory perceptions and altered time perception.
What edibles are good for depression?
CBD edibles such as gummies, capsules, and chocolate bars can treat anxiety and depression.
Are edibles best for sleep?
There are many studies suggest that edibles may help with sleeping disorders.



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