Orange Sherbert Strain Review & Information

Orange Sherbert Strain Review

Orange Sherbert Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is packed with medicinal properties. This flower is great for people who deal with anxiety, as it has been known to calm the mind and relax the body. Although it does offer relaxing qualities, this strain will not leave you glued to the couch unable to move. Orange Sherbert will quickly make it’s way to becoming your new favorite strain to relax and unwind from the day.

The exact origins of this strain are unknown, which makes it a very difficult strain to find. Some people think it was made from crossing Orange Sherbert and one of the Sunset strains.

Orange Sherbert Strain Review

What are the effects of Orange Sherbert Strain?

If you ever get your hands on Orange Sherbert, make sure to buy it. This strain delivers a nice high that will put you in a light headspace that allows you to function, but in a much better mood.

We would compare taking a few hits of this strain to having a few drinks. You’ll be much more relaxed and talkative and notice everything becomes slightly funnier. Since this strain doesn’t make it’s users paranoid, you can say goodbye to any fear or anxiety that comes along with being in a public setting.

Some people have said that Orange Sherbert is a good companion to alcohol. Unlike other strains which could put you over the edge when combined with alcohol, this hybrid won’t make you sick or send your head in a tizzy.

Why buy Orange Sherbert Strain?

Orange Sherbert strain is a great strain for many reasons. Learn more about it’s wonderful aroma, flavor, and effects below.

Sweet Aroma and Flavor

Orange Sherbert is loved by so many due to it’s sweet scent. The most dominant flavor is orange, but not like a citrus orange. The orange flavor is more similar to orange candy. There are also underlying flavors of earthy pine and tropical fruit.

This strain is considered ‘neighbor friendly’ because it doesn’t have the super-strong skunky smell that most strains have.

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Sought-After Qualities

Orange Sherbert delivers a satisfying thigh that doesn’t totally knock you out. Because of this, it’s great for evening or daytime use.

Although this is a hybrid strain, Orange Sherbert can affect people in different ways. For some, it hits more like an indica, while for others, it delivers even-balanced effects. No matter how it hits you, everyone can agree that it delivers a pleasant body buzz and enjoyable head high.

When it comes to medicinal effects, Orange Sherbert is a great choice for people suffering from depression or anxiety, thanks to it’s lower THC content and the CBD it contains.

Orange Sherbert has helped some people relieve there symptoms of:

  • Depression
  • ADD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Because this strain is generally quite low in THC, people who suffer from anxiety won’t have to worry about it negatively affecting them. Some strains that are high in THC have been known to cause paranoia or fear, but this is not the case with Orange Sherbert.

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Other Questions Related To Orange Sherbert Strain

Can I cook with it?

Orange Sherbert typically doesn’t contain a high amount of THC, so any edible you make won’t be very strong. That being said, you can still cook with it and infuse your favorite dishes. You can make cannabutter or other cannabis-infused dishes with this flower.


Orange Sherbert strain is a rare hybrid strain with sought-after effects. These effects can be used for both medicinal or recreational reasons. It has a sweet flavor and aroma but won’t leave a lingering skunky scent in the air.

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