818 OG Kush

If your seeking an ideal indica strain for leisurely activities like watching movies or unwinding with a mood boost that may lead to giggles, consider 818 OG Kush.

THC: 30.8%


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818 OG Kush

LA Weeds / Indica / 30.8% THC

How does it make you feel

818 OG Kush traces it’s lineage directly to the renowned OG Kush cultivated in California’s San Fernando Valley, reflected in it’s name derived from the 818 area code. This strain offers a balanced experience encompassing both mental and physical effects, ideal for alleviating muscle tension. Upon consumption, users initially experience a euphoric rush, followed by a light and tingling sensation that spreads from head to toe, inducing a feeling of happiness. These effects can persist for hours, transitioning into a deeply relaxed and almost sedative state that permeates the body, often leading to couch-lock. This relaxing phase deepens throughout the high, eventually lulling users into a restful sleep. When using cannabis, it’s important to exercise caution and be mindful of potential effects, as individual responses can vary.

How does it smell & taste 

818 OG Kush delights the senses with a sweet and fruity flavor profile, accompanied by subtle hints of sour lemon and pine upon exhale. It’s aroma is equally enticing, featuring a citrusy and woody essence with underlying chemical notes that emerge when the buds are ignited. Despite sharing it’s regional name with SFV OG, 818 OG Kush distinguishes itself with a uniquely sweet and fruity taste, characterized by delightful pine and lemon undertones. The scent mirrors the flavor profile, emitting a slightly pungent aroma enriched with pine, lemon, and delicate floral hints, complementing the orange hairs that adorn the flower. This strain offers a refreshing and aromatic experience that sets it apart from others associated with the same California locale.

How does it look? 

818 OG Kush buds exhibit petite, spade-shaped structures with a vivid minty green hue. Each nug is adorned with sparse, contrasting orange hairs that weave through the dense foliage. What truly captivates the eye is the generous coating of golden crystal trichomes that glisten like miniature gems, enhancing the overall appearance with a shimmering, almost ethereal quality. These trichomes contribute to the potent effects and rich aroma of the strain. The compact nature of the buds underscores there potency, reflecting the careful cultivation that defines 818 Ksh OG. 

What is good for? (suggested activities)

If your seeking an ideal indica strain for leisurely activities like watching movies or unwinding with a mood boost that may lead to giggles, consider 818 OG Kush. Fans of this strain often describe it as a fun indica that uplifts spirits while inducing a gentle sense of sleepiness. However, be mindful that 818 OG Kush can create a slightly foggy mental state, so it’s advisable to avoid important tasks after consuming it through smoking or vaping. Due to it’s potential effects, many users recommend enjoying 818 OG Kush in the evenings or before bedtime to fully embrace it’s relaxing and mood-enhancing properties without disrupting daytime responsibilities.

Alternative strains 

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