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Indica Flower Bundle

Kushfly Indica Flower Bundle allows you to have all your indica favorites in one place and at an unbeatable total price.

This bundle includes:


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Want to maximize your relaxation and comfort with fantastic indica strains? We’ve got you covered!

Kushlfly Indica Flowers Bundle allows you to have all your favorites in one place and at an unbeatable total price.

With saving $160 in total, this package offers everything you need to get that soothing indica vibe with top-quality cannabis strains.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to catch huge savings!

This bundle includes:

Indica Flower Bundle Products

LA Weeds Black Cherry Gelato 3.5g

The effects of Black Cherry Gelato are more calming than energizing, making it a good choice for use during the day. This strain tastes like berries with sweet apricot undertones, and is said to smell similarly.

THC: 31.10%

LA Weeds Bubblegum Runtz 3.5g

LA Weeds Bubblegum Runtz is an indica strain with heavy relaxation effects coupled with enhanced sedation sensations known as couch lock. It is blessed with a powerful and pleasant aroma that resembles bubble gum.

THC: 30.90%

LA Weeds Zkittle Mintz 3.5g

Its aroma is where Zkittle Mintz really shines. When properly cured, these flowers give off a kind of sweet-sour funk. A second whiff reveals slightly more distinct notes of berry and lemon. Grinding up the flowers intensifies the strain’s more sour notes, resulting in a kind of skunky character

THC: 28.3%

LA Weeds Cherry Gumbo 3.5g

Cherry Gumbo strain is an indica weed that is named for it’s signature bubblegum flavor. This strain produces relaxing and sleepy indica effects. It has tastes of sweet bubblegum with earthy undertones.

THC: 29.3%

LA Weeds Classic Indica Single Preroll

LA Weeds Classic Indica Single Preroll will elevate your relaxation to new heights. This pre-rolled indica joint envelops you soothingly, ensuring your body finds complete serenity.

THC: 21%

Raw Classic Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers 32 Pack

Raw Kingsize Slim Size Pre-Rolled Cones come in a 32 pack. Raw cones include a raw tip and are a convenient way to smoke.

Kushfly Wallet Grinder

Kushfly Wallet Grinder easily fits your wallet and comes with a special case. With its sleek and handy design, it is the perfect grinder to go!

Kushfly Lighter

Whether you enjoy your bud or tobacco, a lighter is always a crucial accessory. Your handy pocket-sized friend you carry with you everywhere will never disappoint you.

Indica Flower Bundle Delivery in Los Angeles

Kushfly delivers a curated selection of bundles, including edibles, concentrates, flowers, and the best cannabis brands for adult use in Los Angeles.

You can order Kushfly Indica Flower Bundle online and have it delivered to your door in Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, and all cities in Los Angeles.

Simply order online, via text, or give us a call! Delivery to all cities in LA takes under 1 hour. You will receive a tracking link with live delivery updates and ETAs.


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