15 Best Prerolls You Can Buy in Los Angeles Now

Top 10 Prerolls in Los Angeles

Are you fed up with low-quality weed joints? Do you struggle to find trusted preroll brands? No worries!

There are plenty of ready-to-smoke preroll options that offer you smooth and convenient smoke right away.

Here are the 15 best prerolls you can easily order now in Los Angeles!

Los Exotics Specialty Indica Single Preroll

Among the weed joint types, single prerolls come forth with convenience, especially for beginners. As one of the best preroll brands, Los Exotics has amazing products.

Best Prerolls You can buy in LA
Los Exotics Specialty Indica Single Preroll

Its Specialty Indica Single Preroll simply provides a sense of premium in compact and rolled form.

Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Hybrid Single Preroll

This preroll has everything you need to give you a delightful mood that will relax your both body and mind.

You can smoke it anytime during the day and enjoy the euphoric as well as calming effects.

STNDRD Shorties Infused Multi-Pack Prerolls

Short-infused prerolls are becoming increasingly favored. Why? 

Because these potent joints are infused with cannabis concentrates, and make sharing easy. STNDRD Shorties Infused Multi-Pack Prerolls contains .5g premium indoor flower and comes with a perfect size to finish without having to relight later on.

Best Prerolls in Los Angeles
STNDRD Shorties Infused Multi-Pack Prerolls

But that’s not all.

Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, these premium weed prerolls are an invitation to various effects.

LA Weeds Classic Hybrid 14 Pack

LA Weeds Classic Hybrid Prerolls are like a vacation day for your body and mind. 

Each preroll is expertly balanced between an energizing high and a soothing body buzz, so you may enjoy it whenever you like.

Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints 2g

Crafted with the highest quality flowers, Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints are among the best prerolls in Los Angeles.

The effects are perfectly balanced to tantalize your senses and deliver an amazing time whether you’re planning to light up in the morning or the evening. 

Plus, they come in various strains just waiting to be enjoyed.

Los Exotics Specialty Indica 14 Pack

As we mentioned above, Los Exotics’ prerolls are unrivaled. These indica prerolls will pamper your body in the exact way you’d hope they would.

You can enjoy them for your movie nights or just chill at night.

2020 Future Prerolls

Made with premium flower infused with hash oil and rolled in golden kief, 2020 Future Prerolls are the real deal.

Best Prerolls in Los Angeles
2020 Future Prerolls

These ready-to-smoke marijuana prerolls are available in many appealing flavors, offering you great effects from happiness to laughter, relaxation to euphoria. 

Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Sativa 14 Pack

Looking for a preroll that presents you uplifted and carefree effects while also lowering the price you pay? Then you’ll love this.

Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Sativa 14 Pack

Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Sativa 14 Pack is the ideal joint to light up early in the day to jumpstart your motivation and mental energy.

Aloha PePe Puffs Mini Prerolls

Here is another great option to enjoy on your own or share with your friends. Aloha PePe Puffs Mini Prerolls come with .5g of indoor flowers each one infused with liquid diamonds and completely covered in kief.

Best Prerolls in LA
Aloha PePe Puffs Mini Prerolls

These shorties are perfectly sized for one person – giving you just enough per puff that it never needs a relight. It doesn’t get any better than this!

LA Weeds Classic Sativa 7 Pack

If you want to get out and socialize, spark some inspiration, and become a little bit creative, nothing beats a LA Weeds Classic Sativa Preroll. 

When you light one, good vibes will flood your system and radiate outward. These sativa weed prerolls are great for special days and celebrating with your friends.

Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Hybrid 7 Pack

Enjoy a pleasant high that will calm your body and mind with the help of some Baba Greenhouse Hybrid Prerolls marijuana.

At any time of the day, you may light one up and feel the exhilarating and soothing benefits.

Smashed Diamond Infused Mini Doobies Prerolls

Smashed Diamond Infused Mini Doobies Prerolls deliver a unique taste. They have the power to brighten anyone’s day. 

Smashed Diamond Infused Mini Doobies Prerolls

These tasty prerolls are composed of premium cannabis flowers, hash, live resin, and kief.

24K Gold Joint

This joint is rolled by Kushfly budtenders in Shine 24K Gold preroll cones, using only top-shelf indoor flowers.

24K Gold Joint

Whether you’re looking for the perfect surprise for your smoker buddy, or are just wanting to spoil yourself with something unique, you’ll love Kushfly Gold Joints.

Stiiizy 40’s Pink Acai Infused Jointz Multi-Pack

These top-shelf marijuana prerolls are the gold standard because they are evenly covered with kief and have a high concentration of THC.

Stiiizy 40’s Pink Acai Infused Jointz Multi-Pack

These prerolls are infused with exclusive live resin to provide 40% THC strength while maintaining a distinct flavor character.

Mamba Infused Prerolls

Featuring THC levels from 43-45%, these top-quality prerolls are filled with 1.25g of flower and an extra kick of 0.3g of badder.

Mamba Infused Prerolls

But that’s not all – each preroll is also covered in kief, heightening your smoking experience to unseen levels. And the best thing is, you get to choose from a variety of delicious indica, sativa, and hybrid strains!


Now, you’ve learned the best prerolls in Los Angeles. And the better news is buying prerolls online is as easy as pie. Our fast and discreet delivery service brings the top-shelf prerolls to all parts of L.A. in around 1 hour.



Which brand has the best pre rolls?
LA Weeds, Los Exotics, Aloha, and Marijuana Baba offer the best prerolls in Los Angeles.
Do prerolls have stronger effects?
Yes, some infused prerolls provides strong effects.
Is it cheaper to buy pre rolls or bud?
Pre-rolled joints are often cheaper than raw cannabis flower because they feature various strains mixed together.
How long do preroll effects last?
Many users experience strong effects lasting for nearly 2-3 hours.
Are prerolls safe to smoke?
Yes, prerolls are safe cannabis products to smoke.
Are prerolls good for beginners?
Pre-rolls are a great choice because of their convenience and consistent experience without requiring extra tools.
How long do prerolls take to hit?
Cannabis joints usually hit anywhere between 15 through 30 minutes.


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