10 Strongest THC Edibles in Los Angeles, CA

CBD chocolate pieces with cool splattered cocoa butter designs on white background above view. THC Edibles chocolates.

Looking for a wild ride with potent cannabis treats? Then this post is for you!

From chocolates to gummies, Los Angeles offers some amazing weed edibles that will have you craving more in no time.

Today, we share our top picks for the strongest edibles in Los Angeles, all perfect for enjoying THC without smoking.

So, let’s get started!

Highest THC Cannabis Edibles You Can Order Online in L.A.

10 – STNDRD Gummies 1000mg

We begin our list with a high potency THC gummies. Delivering robust effects, STNDRD Gummies are here to shake up your edible game.

strongest edibles in los angeles

These delectable treats are crafted from all-natural cannabis-derived terpene blends and are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid flavors.

The box contains 10 bite-sized gummies, each boasting 100mg of THC.

9 – Thicc Gummies 1000mg

As one of the strongest gummies in the market, Thicc Gummies are packed with delectable flavors.

From Spicy Mango Mami to Peach Gobbler, Strawberry Squirt to Shawty Got Cake, its appealing flavors taste like incomparable wild fruit.

Highest THC edibles in L.A.

Crafted with all organic ingredients, each of the 10 weed gummies in the package carries 100mg of THC. If you are looking to buy pure, potent, and flavorful treats, Thicc Gummies is your go-to solution.

8 – Smashed Chocolate Bars 1000mg

Experience the perfect fusion of cannabis and chocolate with Smashed’s tasty bars.

Offering delicious flavors like Blue Whale, Fabulous, and Astronuts, Smashed Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Bars are a tasty way to stay lifted throughout the day.

These weed chocolate bars contain 1000mg of THC, making them highly favorable among cannabis enthusiasts who like strong edibles in L.A. 

7 – FKEM Gummies 2000mg

FKEM Weed Gummies are a great co-pilot for any adventure! Crafted with premium cannabis distillate and real fruit flavors, these cannabis treats offer a soft, chewable texture, making them easy to consume.

Strongest THC Edibles in Los Angeles

Each gummy contains 200mg of THC, with a total of 2000mg THC in the bag. Grab them as a sweet snack and enjoy potent effects.

6 – LYT Chocolate Bar 2500mg

Premium Belgium chocolate and cannabis mix? Just what it sounds like, yummy! LYT Chocolate Bar is a top-shelf cannabis-infused edible handcrafted with 100% organic, all-natural ingredients.

Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid flavors, Lyt Bar stands out as one of the strongest edibles in Los Angeles. Each package contains 16 pieces of chocolate that are 156mg THC each.

5 – Thicc Gummies 3000mg

Speaking of highest THC gummies… Prepare for an unforgettable edible experience because Thicc Gummies 3000mg don’t mess around!

Boasting a total of 3000mg THC, these juicy treats are highly potent. Made with all-natural cannabis-derived terpene blends, Thicc Gummies offer unique flavors like Guava Spot, Peach Gobbler, Phat Razz, and more.

The package contains 20 bite-sized gummies, each with 150mg THC.

4 – Smashed Chocolate Bars 5000mg

Need something to get you going when you’re enjoying the outdoors? Then you’ll love Smashed Chocolate Bars 5000mg THC.

These potent cannabis edibles entice your palate with flavors like Milky Way, Amazon, and Mint Chip. Each bar is infused with the finest full spectrum cannabis oil, bringing that pure bliss.

The package contains 10 pieces, 500mg THC per serving.

3- Smashed Syrup 5000mg

If you are looking for a potent cannabis beverage to medicate without smoking, Smashed Syrup is the perfect choice. Handmade in Los Angeles, Smashed’s premium cannabis syrup offers 5000mg THC.

strongest edibles in Los Angeles

Offering natural & organic flavoring, you can add it to any of your favorite beverages.

2 – Smashed Peach Ring Gummies 5000mg

Smashed Plus Peach Ring Gummies are tasty THC-Infused treats that are simple and handy to eat anywhere, anytime!

As one of the strongest edibles in Los Angeles, these gummies provide captivating and inspiring effects. The package contains 20 gummies, each gummy with 200mg THC.

1 – Smashed Gummies 10000mg

We conclude our list with the highest THC edible in Los Angeles. Available in a variety of shapes, Smashed Gummies 10000mg please various tastes and satisfy all sorts of cravings.

Thanks to strong effects, these delectable cannabis infused gummies will easily elevate your nosh right away.


We hope you liked our list of the most potent THC edibles in Los Angeles. Now, we would like to hear from you guys.

Which THC edibles are your favorites and why? Share your valuable ideas in the comment section below!


How long do the effects of cannabis gummies last?
The effects of cannabis gummies last around 4 and 6 hours.
How do weed edibles make you feel?
From euphoria to relaxation, creativity increase to couch-lock, weed edibles may offer a wide range of effects.
Are edibles legal in Los Angeles?
To have, buy, or use recreational cannabis, you need to be 21 or older. You can have up to one ounce of dried cannabis flower and up to eight grams of cannabis-infused products like gummies, chocolate, or drinks.
What are the strongest edibles in Los Angeles?
Smashed Gummies 10000mg, Smashed Chocolate Bars 5000mg, and Thicc Gummies 3000mg are among the strongest edibles in L.A.
What is the highest THC edible in Los Angeles?
Smashed Gummies 10000mg stands out as the highest THC edible in Los Angeles.
Where can you find strong edibles in Los Angeles?
Kushfly offers a wide variety of potent cannabis products, including edibles, flowers, concentrates and more.


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