Everything You Need to Know About Chiesel Strain

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If your in the market to try one of the most fire strains available today, than look no further than Chiesel. This strain has it all in terms of flavor, bag appeal, potency, and effects.

If you want to know all about this revolutionary strain, than joint us as we profile the all-time classic Chiesel strain.

Chiesel’s Lineage

It may not be difficult to tell what this classic strain’s parents are if we think about the name Chiesel. If you guessed Sour Diesel and UK Cheese, you wouldn’t be too far off.

However, the reality is the masterminds at Big Buddha Seeds bred this strain by crossing there very own Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel. What emerged is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a fusion of diesel and cheesy goodness.

It’s easy to see why this strain was destined for greatness by looking at it’s two parent strains. For starters, Big Buddha Cheese may be the only real cut of the famous UK Cheese.

Back in the early 90s, UK Cheese took the cannabis world by storm. However, UK Cheese was a clone-only strain, meaning that there weren’t any seeds of it.

The growers at Big Buddha Seeds got there hands on the original UK Cheese clone and carefully crossed it with an Afghani to create a seed version faithful to the original. Big Buddha Cheese had it’s fame cemented in history after it won the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup.

NYC Diesel results from a cross between two landrace strains that brought with it pungent and fruity aromas. NYC Diesel is another Cannabis Cup winner that racked up awards in 2001, 2003, and 2004.

Chiesel’s Bag Appeal

One look at Chiesel, and you’ll instantly fall in love. A bag of Chiesel contains dense, cone-shaped nugs that remind one of it’s Afghani heritage.

Thanks to it’s NYC diesel roots, Chiesel buds will likely have a bright green glow under an insane amount of frost. However, once you crack open a container of Chiesel, you’ll be in for a real treat.

Chiesel’s Aromas, Flavors, and Terpenes

Chiesel’s lineage gives it flavors and aromas that are a match made in heaven.

The moment you open a jar or bag of Chiesel, your nose will be greeted with a pungent aroma of cheese and fuel. However, once you take a few good whiffs, you’ll notice that Chiesel’s scent is more complex.

Starting off with a gassy, rubbery smell with subtle earthy notes gives way to creamy, funky aromas of stinky cheese followed by an herbal or spicy finish.

Some strains’ flavor doesn’t live up to the way they smell, but in Chiesel’s case, it absolutely does. Once you take a puff of Chiesel, you’ll recognize dry, spicy notes like rubber that turn into milky and creamy flavors of herbal cheese.

Chiesel’s fantastic flavor and aroma profile are thanks to it’s terpenes. Chiesel’s primary terpenes are caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene.

Chiesel’s strain Potency and Effects

On average, Chiesel tests in the range of 18-21% THC. We know that many strains today are in the high 20% THC range, but what Chiesel lacks in THC content, it makes up for in effects.

After a few delicious puffs of Chiesel, you’ll start feeling ready for anything. That’s because Chiesel produces a high that can only be described as productive.

An initial uplifting or euphoric feeling will make you feel thoroughly stimulated. You’ll feel inspired to concentrate on something, and you’ll really take advantage of Chiesel’s effects if you have work to do, friends to meet, or an instrument to play.

That means that Chiesel is a strain that’s social, creative, and great to get your day moving. However, that means that Chiesel is not a nighttime strain, so don’t puff on Chiesel right before bed, or you might end up doing random tasks instead of sleeping.

Chiesel’s Therapeutic Effects

Since Chiesel is a strain that affects the mind more than the body, it’s great for people with anxiety or depression. A few puffs of Chiesel, and you’ll start feeling more social as your negative thoughts and feelings wash away.

Chiesel is also perfect for those with migraines or headaches. However, if you need a strain that will numb your body and send you into a couch-lock, Chiesel is not the strain your looking for.

Try Chiesel Today

If everything you’ve read about Chiesel sounds excellent to you, than don’t hesitate to pick some up. If your in the Los Angeles area and are looking for unique strains like Chiesel, you can try Kushfly cannabis delivery service.

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