Zookies Strain Review

Zookies is a breathtakingly delicious cross of GG#4 and Animal Cookies. This strain has been pretty hard to find, but Cali Kush Co. just released it a few days ago.

What does Zookies taste like?

It is arguably one of the most delicious strains on the market today. At first, the initial aroma of Zookies hit me like a title wave of fragrance. It is spicy and unique, with a quick rush of black pepper, sour fruit, and a hint of roasted nuts. These combinations created a stimulating aroma once the flower started to burn. The appearance of Zookies is nothing short of amazing. THC rich crystals coat the outer layer, while bright orange hairs simultaneously poke through.


Zookies Strain Review
Zookies is an evenly balanced hybrid strain.

Smoke & Effects of Zookies

You don’t need much of this potent hybrid to feel the effects. Coming in a 26% THC, Zookies can be classified as a one-hit-wonder, as it instantaneously soothes any stress or tension. It provides a high that is both tranquil and calm, while still keeping you alert and motivated. It’s a perfectly balanced hybrid that allows for creativity from 9-5 and restful relaxation at the end of a busy day.

What strain is Zookies?

  • 50/50 Hybrid

  • THC: 26%

  • Genetics:Animal Cookies x  Gorilla Glue #4

  • Great For: Pain Relief, Cramps, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress

Zookies Strain Review

Overall Opinion

Sure, the strain’s name may sound like a playful prank but the effects are completely legitimate. Zookies unique compounds make the daily routine a tad more manageable. As a 50/50 hybrid, this strain works really well at reducing muscle aches and debilitating pain, depression, and fatigue, and has been helpful in soothing painful monthly menstrual cramps.

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Zookies Strain Review

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