Blue Satellite Strain Review

Blue Satellite Strain Review

Blue Satellite is a high-flying sativa with long-lasting effects.  An excellent choice for a daytime strain, Blue Satellite contains 24.7% THC!

This sativa has impressive flowers that are known for their size and shape. They are usually a medium to large size, and they stick together in distinct spade like shapes. Despite this being a sativa strain, the flowers have more of an indica structure and taper down from a broad base to a thin, pointed tip. Rich trichomes coat the bright green flower, resulting in its high THC content.

Blue Satellite has a strong aroma of citrus with undertones of pine. Once you grind up the buds, a scent of pepper and spice is also released. This flower burns excellent and has a smooth, easy smoke. The flavor is comparable to citrus and blueberries.

The effects of Blue Satellite hit you almost instantly. At first, it’s normal to feel pressure around the eyes and temples. You will be totally engulfed in a new found energy, with your mind taking you to places it’s never been before and new doors of creativity opening. New ideas seem interesting and concepts can be quickly and easily developed. Many people also have said they have a hard time concentrating on one thing, as their minds are working at an incredibly fast paced speed. This can be useful for some users, as you can power through a long to-do list. This strain can also make even the most daunting tasks seem fun, such as cleaning your house or doing laundry. Blue Satellite is a great social strain, as it delivers a free-whiling euphoric energy that can spark easy conversation. As the high continues, a subtle body high takes over, providing pain relief for any tense muscles or joints. This strain is a great option for a wake and bake session, as it does not weigh you down whatsoever.

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