Bubba Sue Hemp Flower Review

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There is so much talk about CBD these days and even some gas stations are selling CBD products. Stores shelves are filled with vapes, capsules, creams, and edibles containing CBD. With all these options, it is hard to know what CBD products to buy. Bubba Sue Hemp flower is a great way to ingest CBD because it’s just like smoking any other marijuana flower, but with no added psychoactive effects. The flower is bright green and fluffy, with hints of pine underlaying.

Look & Taste

Bubba Sue is a unique flower that looks and tastes just like regular cannabis flower. Once grounded up, the nugs release a great woody and spicy aroma that fills the room. There is not an overwhelming aroma when it is burned, so you don’t need to worry about a smell clinging onto your clothing. The good thing about this flower is since you can’t overdose on CBD, you can smoke as much as you’d like.

Bubba Sue Hemp Flower

  • 17% CBD
  • Woody, Earthy, Spicy Aroma
  • Contains 0% THC


I like to use CBD for relaxation, and I had some pain in my lower back and I was looking for something to help with that as well. Bubba Sue totally helped with both of my ailments. About 10 minutes after I smoked, my back was feeling a lot better and I could notice a light euphoria taking over my mind and body. This contain 0% THC so I did not feel ‘high’ at all, as I normally feel when smoking or vaping weed. It was a really nice feeling and nothing overwhelming.


Bubba Sue Hemp Flower was the first CBD flower I have ever tried, and I really enjoyed it. It gave me quick pain relief and a great overall feeling. I would recommend this flower to anyone looking for pain relief or just to relax a little.

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