Blue Apricot Sherbert Strain Review

Blue Apricot Sherbert Strain Review

Cali Kush Co. recently released a new hybrid, Blue Apricot Sherbert. I had heard of Blue Sherbert before but I had never come across this unique strain, so naturally I had to order an 8th.

Look & Smell

The first thing I noticed about the buds was how bright they were. The greenness of the flower was overwhelmed with bright orange hairs covering the surface. This strain has a strong citrus and earthy aroma, with mild skunkiness. Straight from the jar, the smell could easily be mistaken for something other than weed. When it’s burned, the flavor is light and delicious.

Smoke & Effects

Blue Apricot Sherbert made me.. in simple terms…really really relaxed. I have never felt such positive energy after smoking a strain before. My friend and I shared a joint, and we both felt like we were laying on a dessert island with no one bothering us, and totally stress free. This strain gives a really good indica-like buzz but it didn’t cloud my mind. The high was pretty similar to its parent strain, Sunset Sherbert, if you’ve ever tried that.

Blue Apricot Sherbert Strain Overview

  • Hybrid
  • THC: 28%
  • Top Terpenes: Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Beta-Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene
  • Great For: Pain Relief, Depression Aid, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress

Overall Opinion

I loved this strain for so many reasons. It smoked nice, it totally relaxed me without being over sedative, and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a flower to enjoy with some friends, or relax after a long day. It is relaxing enough without weighing you down, and euphoric enough to even help with minor aches and pains.

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