Bubblegum Runtz

Bubblegum Runtz is a hybrid strain with heavy relaxation effects coupled with enhanced sedation sensations known as couch lock. It is blessed with a powerful and pleasant aroma that resembles bubble gum.

THC: 34.2%

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Bubblegum Runtz Strain Effects

How does Bubblegum Runtz Strain make you feel

Bubblegum Runtz offers a slow, creeping high that may take as long as 15 minutes to reveal it’s presence. Eventually, smokers may notice a flushing in the cheeks, as well as a tingle around the temples and forehead. Some also describe an increase in salivation. Once these sensations pass, a well-prepared consumer can settle into a calm and even headspace. Any outside worries and stressors begin to dissolve into the background. Physical signs of anxiety are alleviated as well — users may feel a release of a lingering muscular tension, as well as an improved capacity for breathing deeply and easily.

How does it smell & taste 

Consumers expecting the sugary scent of bubblegum may be surprised to find that Bubblegum Runtz has a predominantly citrus aroma, with top notes of sour lemon and orange. There is, however, an underlying sweetness as well, a testament to the influence of award-winning parent strain Bubblegum. Meanwhile, grinding up the buds gives off some musky and earthy odors. When combusted, Bubblegum Runtz gives off a thick smoke that can be harsh on the lungs, inducing coughing. On the exhale, this smoke tastes sweet and citrusy.

How does Bubblegum Runtz strain look? 

Bubblegum Runtz has impressive buds that are medium-sized and hold a spindle-like shape, bulging in the middle but tapered at both ends. These buds are unmistakably hybrid, with a densely-packed structure in which the leaves curl tightly inward toward there central stems. The leaves themselves are a dark yellowish-green and are twisted through with brown and orange pistils. Finally, like bubblegum itself, Bubblegum Runtz is very sticky due to it’s thick coating of translucent white trichomes. This high resin content makes the bud very difficult to break up by hand.

What is good for? (suggested activities)

The Bubblegum Runtz high will sneak up on you a bit later, creeping into your mind first before taking on the rest of your body. You’ll feel tingly and stimulated with a giddy euphoria that wraps itself around your entire being with a blanket of happy warmth. A physical relaxation accompanies this heady high, helping to keep your body in a state of calm without affecting your mental state too much. Bubblegum Runtz is not known to trigger intense bouts of deep thinking. As such, it’s neither liable to nudge smokers toward paranoia nor is it appropriate for achieving productivity. Instead, mellow-minded users can savor this bud for it’s ability to intensify the perception of certain sights and sounds. It can be a great way to appreciate a favorite album or a trippy or scary movie. Otherwise, Bubblegum Runtz’s mental effects are marked by a giddiness that can be exuberant, if not exactly high-energy. The strain’s giggly mood can be very much at home in rowdy social situations. As the high wears on or as dosage is increased, Bubblegum Runtz tends to paralyze smokers with couch-lock; in the right circumstances, it can even pack them off to dreamland. Because of it’s mostly sedative vibes, Bubblegum Runtz is best savored after dark.

Alternative strains 

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2 reviews for Bubblegum Runtz

  1. ghadahat (verified owner)

    I’m lovin the high! I’m all about that Spaced Out feeling. And a little loopy…

  2. Camila Chan (verified owner)

    this strain is roller-coaster vibes of both euphoria and relaxation. Quite perfect for whatever you have on your schedule from chilling with friends to being creative. very sweet flavor profile as well. this strain is best in the morning like a cup of coffee, very sweet and delightful.

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