The History Of Cannabis And Ancient Egypt

The History Of Cannabis And Ancient Egypt

In Egypt, cannabis has been used for thousands of years.

While it’s believed that many cultures grew and used marijuana, the ancient Egyptians really exemplified the true holistic use of the glorious plant. Egyptian hieroglyphics called it ‘shemshemt’ – dating back to before the great pyramids were even built!

It’s believed that the hemp was used for fiber and textile, while the THC and psychoactive parts were used for medicine.

Let’s take a trip back to 3,000BC and explore the rich history of cannabis in ancient Egypt.

Although the exact time isn’t clear, cannabis was probably used in Egypt as many as 5,000 years ago. At this time, the culture’s understanding of the human body was far ahead of its time and quite advanced. Customs like embalming added to the Egyptian’s understanding of how the human body worked.

This knowledge went hand in hand with the use of plants for medicinal purposes. Cannabis was discovered and was popularized as one of the most powerful plant based medicines, because of its psychotropic and healing properties. Cannabis residue has been found in Egyptian artifacts dating back to over 2,000 B.C. Around this same time, cannabis salves were used to treat sore eyes and glaucoma.

Pharaohs in Egypt may have used marijuana for ceremonial purposes. Traces of cannabis were found in remains of mummified Egyptian pharaohs, including Ramses the Great (Pharao in 1213 BCE).

A written record dating back to 200 AD called the Vienna Papyri mentions cannabis as a treatment for ear pain, tumors, and fevers.

In another written record in 1500 B.C, a cannabis-based formula consisting of ground cannabis and honey was recommended to treat ‘a painful finger or toe.’


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