Strain Of The Day: Grapefruit

Strain Of The Day: Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a sativa strain that provides powerful uplifted feelings of euphoria and energy. If your looking for a strain that will make you social, talkative, and happy, than we think Grapefruit is the flower you need!

Grapefruit is a sativa strain that works great for relieving stress and migraines. Enjoy tropical, citrus aromas and energizing effects with this fruity strain. This flower is a great accompaniment to any daytime activity.

Grapefruit Strain Overview

  • Sativa

  • 28.8%

  • Flavors: Fruity, Sweet

  • Indoor Grown

  • Feelings: Happy, Uplifted


The Grapefruit strain is ideal for daytime use, and for relieving stress and anxiety. People also use this strain for battling depression and other negative feelings, since it delivers such uplifting effects. You may also find that minor aches and pains become more manageable after smoking Grapefruit. However, we wouldn’t recommend this strain for severe pain, and instead would point you in the direction of an indica strain.

With THC levels of 28.8%, this is a powerful strain. As you may have guessed, this hearty sativa has a sweet flavor and aroma, similar to the fresh smell of citrus. If your a person who likes fruity strains, than Grapefruit could easily become your new favorite.

Adverse side effects are relatively common, with some people suffering from dry eyes and dry mouth. These side effects are easily managed by drinking water and applying eye drops.

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