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Mexico May Become World’s Biggest Legal Cannabis Market

Mexico May Become World's Biggest Legal Cannabis Market

Mexico is on track to becoming the world’s largest legal cannabis market.

Some advocates say that the legalization of marijuana will reduce the cartel-related violence in the country. However, security experts claim that this is far from reality as marijuana still plays a major role in the Mexican drug trade.

It is estimated that around 200,000 families in Mexico are currently growing marijuana.

Lawmakers in Mexico have until December 15 to pass marijuana legislation under orders from the Supreme Court. The court previously struck down a marijuana ban as unconstitutional.

The hopeful possibility of marijuana legalization in Mexico follows decade long restrictive drug policies that have fueled deadly cartel wars throughout the country and boarders.

There is a debate over what exactly legal cannabis in Mexico should like like and whom it will benefit.

Senate leader Ricardo Monreal said a bill that would allow private companies to sell marijuana to the public is likely to pass in the Senate within two weeks and then go to the lower house of congress.

Similar to marijuana legalization in the U.S. one stipulation of the legislation draft is that legal marijuana must be traced from seed to sale, which required high-tech testing.

According to the draft, the law will limit private growers to six plants and would require anyone who wants to consume cannabis to obtain a license from the government.

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