What Does Mota Mean?

Green marijuana leaf photo. There are darker leaves around it extending from the branch.

Mota is one of the many nicknames of our favorite plant. Mota is a Spanish slang word that literally translates as ‘speck’ or ‘mote’ in English. It is most commonly used when describing a tiny amount of cannabis. The word is popular among Latin America and in the southern US states with large Mexican-American populations. Mota can also be used as a fitting abbreviation when talking about the potent cannabis strain called ‘Motavation.’

A marijuana bud. Close-up.
The slang word ‘mota’ is used to describe a small amount of cannabis.

What are some other Spanish slang words for marijuana?

There are hundreds of slang terms for cannabis. In the Spanish language, the most common slang words are hierba/yerba, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to joints, rolling papers, and lighters, the list is extensive. Since there’s no Spanish slang guide for weed (that we know of) we’ve put together a list of common terms.


  • Hierba

  • Mota

  • Yerba

  • Yaría

  • Hachís

  • Marimba

  • Cripy (used to describe high quality weed)


  • Cuanto

  • Porro

  • Pepa

  • Parango (used to describe an extremely large joint)


  • Cachimba

Someone who sells marijuana

  • Hierbero

  • Conecte

Getting high

  • Pachequear

Rolling papers

  • Sábanas

Feeling high

  • Trabado

Marijuana on a scale.

Do you know some other slang Spanish words for weed? Leave us a comment down below!

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