Does Coughing When You Smoke Weed Make You Higher?

Does Coughing When You Smoke Weed Make You Higher?

Coughing goes hand in hand with smoking weed. You may have heard a common urban legend that coughing can actually make you more high, but is it true? If you actually think about it, it’s not an absurd idea. After all, a cough does cause you to inhale a large amount of oxygen which pushes the cannabis smoke into your lungs and could force the THC into your bloodstream more quickly. Read on to find out if there’s any evidence of this claim, or if it’s just wishful thinking.

Why does weed make you cough?

Coughing is your body’s natural response to a foreign substance, such as smoke, entering your airways. When you inhale, the nerves send signals to your brain which produces a cough reflex and helps your body get rid of the smoke. Coughing when you smoke is normal and is your body’s way of protecting your lungs from irritants. However, if you find yourself coughing alot when you smoke, it may be best to switch to a different form of cannabis such as edibles or topicals.

Does Coughing When You Smoke Weed Make You Higher?
Coughing is a normal reaction to smoke entering your lungs.

Coughing from smoking weed

When you cough, you expel air from the lungs in a heavy burst. When smoke enters the lungs, it does cause some irritation and produces the need to cough, so people who are new to smoking may find themselves coughing more than those who are more experienced.

There are tiny microscopic particles that irritate your lungs and cause you to cough so you can get the particles out of your lungs. Smoking through a water-based product such as a bong can lessen the irritants, and may be a good solution for people who find themselves coughing alot when they smoke weed.

Does coughing get you higher?

When you go into a coughing fit, your lungs compress over and over again. The lack of oxygen flow to your bran during this process could stimulate similar feelings that you feel get when your high. The lack of oxygen also causes a drop in blood pressure and causes dizziness and lightheadedness, which are all factors that come into play and cause you to feel like you may have gotten higher as a result of coughing.

You may have also heard that holding the smoke in after you take a hit will make you higher. However, the more smoke that you inhale and hold for a period of time means that your holding onto more smoke than cannabinoids. That being said, when you inhale more smoke, you are more likely to suffer from a coughing fit.

Overall, coughing when you smoke weed will not make you higher. If your looking for get higher, than try smoking a strain with a higher concentration of cannabinoids, or switching to a wax or concentrate product.

Does Coughing When You Smoke Weed Make You Higher?
If you find yourself in a coughing fit every time you smoke weed, it may be best to switch to a different cannabis product such as an edible.

How can you avoid coughing when you smoke weed?

If you find yourself in a coughing fit every time you smoke, than it may be best to avoid it all together. Try these tips to alleviate coughing.

  1. Drink water or other fluids while smoking: Sipping some tea or water while you smoke can help move the tiny particles out of your throat and into your stomach.
  2. Make sure your smoking natural cannabis products: Cannabis flower or oils that have added solvents or ingredients can cause irritation much easier than cannabis that has been produced naturally.

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