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Sour Joker Strain Review

Sour Joker Strain Review

Is Sour Joker indica or sativa?

Sour Joker is a sativa strain made from crossing the famous strain Amnesia Haze and Sour Diesel. It gets its pungent aroma and beautiful appearance from its parent strains, but takes on a life of its own when it comes to its stimulating effects.

Sour Joker Strain Review

What strain gives you the giggles?

If you’re wondering how Sour Joker got its name, just take a few hits! The high that this sativa delivers is insanely happy, uplifting, and giggly. You might even find yourself cracking up at the most simple things. It’s an extremely enjoyable high that also delivers energetic stimulation, happiness, and pure bliss. The mental high is accompanied by a light body high that keeps you physically relaxed as your mind soars off into a world of pleasure.

Sour Joker by Los Exotics has an insanely high amount of THC, coming in at 28.8%. This is enough THC to knock the socks off of even the most seasoned smokers. Because of its high THC concentration, it’s a great strain for combatting feelings of lethargy, laziness, fatigue, depression, and chronic pain.

Sour Joker Strain Review

What does it smell like?

Wondering how Sour Joker smells? It has a really nice super pungent and herbal scent with hints of lemon. The taste is unbelievable, with extreme flavors of sour diesel, lemon, and pine. The buds are a rich olive green color with long orange hairs and an insanely thick coating of frosty trichomes. It’s a truly beautiful bud.

You don’t have to be a Batman enthusiast to appreciate Sour Joker. This strain is perfect for anyone who craves an uplifting, mentally stimulating high. It’s great for creative types who need a bit of motivation, as well as those who are feeling stuck in a rut and need something to pull them out.

Indulge yourself in Sour Joker and see for yourself why so many people love this strain. Grab yourself an 8th today before it’s gone!

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