Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid?

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Cannabis has been used for a wide variety of purposes since it was discovered by man. Many like to use it socially since it has been known to help make almost any situation a little more fun while others use it to unwind alone after a long day at work. Regardless of how cannabis is enjoyed, there is always one initial decision to be made… sativa, indica, or hybrid?

How many of us actually know the difference between the three? With so many cannabis choices in California, it definitely helps to have some background knowledge to help find exactly what your looking for. Come along with us as we take you on a Kushfly guided tour through the wonders of Cannabis.


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What’s the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains?

The three varieties of cannabis are different in many ways. Read below to find out all the details and learn which is best for you!



The term sativa, named by Carl Linneaus, is used to describe hemp plants originally found in Europe and western Eurasia, where it was cultivated for it’s fiber and seeds. Sativa plants grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. They are generally a lighter shade of green than there indica counterparts. They take a longer time to mature and require more light to grow. Sativa plants have also been known to contain a higher amount of THC and a lower amount of CBD than indicas. This is why the effects are known to be cerebral and mentally stimulating rather than physical. Sativa strains help users maintain focus, energy, and productivity. If you’re looking for a perky and positive high that might bring out your creative side, a sativa strain is the one for you.


Cannabis indica, named by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, describes the variation of the plant originally discovered in India. Indica plants were also harvested for seeds and fiber, but became most famous from early hashish production. Typically, indica plants are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. Indica plants grow faster and have a higher yield than sativas. Indica plants tend to produce lower amounts of THC but have much higher CBD counts. This creates more of a deep physical relaxation without the strong psychoactive traits of a sativa, often rocking the user to sleep. There is an old saying, ‘be careful, indicas might leave you in-da-couch.’ Anyone seeking sedation or a good night’s rest would find solace in an indica.


As you can probably guess, hybrid plants are just as they sound, a mix that gives you the best of both worlds. They are a bit trickier than there indica and sativa parents, as they can easily be mistaken for either. Hybrids come in endless combinations of ratios and characteristics. For example, sativa-dominant hybrids such as Blue Dream and XJ13 have effects that tend to be more on the brain stimulating side. An indica-dominant hybrid strain, such as Larry OG, is more likely to leave you sleepy and relaxed without making your mind race with ideas. However, this is not to say that there aren’t any 50/50 hybrids. Chiquita Banana and Cali Cake are split right down the middle with the perfect balance of energizing sativa and tranquil indica attributes.



In the end, the effects of each strain may vary person to person based on there mood, diet, environment, and body chemistry. The effects found in each strain are not necessarily specific to indica, sativa, or hybrid, but more about the cannabinoids and terpenes found in each one. Although dividing strains into these three categories has been very helpful in achieving various outcomes over the years, new scientific research shows reason to believe you cannot judge a flower solely by it’s height or the shape of it’s leaves. As more and more seeds are crossed, everything eventually becomes a hybrid of sorts. You’ll just have to try them all to see which one works best for you!

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