Elite Extracts Review

Great price for a decent cartridge

Elite Extracts vape cartridges are priced at a mere $35 for 1g of premium oil. ALL of their cartridges listed on Kushfly are tested at 90+% THC. They currently have 15% off all cartridges, so you can snag this at $29.75 until the end of the day today. The oil isn’t so thick that it doesn’t move and not too runny that it just burns off. It was like a thick honey consistency, a perfect in between.

Taste is great, subtle yet scrumptious

When it comes to flavor I was pleasantly surprised. My first inhale of Elite Extracts vape cartridge was absolutely delicious. I was hooked on the flavor immediately. I use vapes all the time, but this specific strain, Watermelon, is delicious, subtle and seductive. I don’t know what an appropriate dose is but I just kept consuming it because the taste was too good! Solid 10/10

Value is good, it gets the job done

I find value to be a difficult category to evaluate. Anything that reduces pain or improves health is of course valuable at any cost. This product was valuable to me because it did what I wanted it to do – reduce my anxiety, and relax me in a social setting.

Lasted me longer than I thought

This 1g cartridge lasted longer than I had expected. I was thinking that I would finish it off in less than a week, but it lasted me about 10 days. They advertise it should last about 600 hits, which is accurate.


I will 100% be purchasing Elite Extracts vape cartridges in the future. I think they are a great value for quality oil and I loved the flavor and effects. I don’t know what more I could ask for.

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