Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa strain that stems from crossing of “Blueberry” and “Haze” strains. This bud offers a harmonious effects combining cerebral stimulation with full-body relaxation.

THC 27.5%

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Blue Dream Strain Effects

Blue Dream is a sativa strain that stems from crossing of “Blueberry” and “Haze” strains. This bud offers a harmonious effects combining cerebral stimulation with full-body relaxation.

Medical marijuana patients often turn to Blue Dream for it’s potential to alleviate symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and nausea.

Flavor & Aroma

It is cherished for an enticing aroma and flavor reminiscent of sweet berries. Blue Dream delights the senses with a delightful aroma of sweet blueberry pie, accompanied by a taste of sugary, ripe blueberries that lingers on the tongue even after smoking.

How does it look?

The buds are large, dense, and fluffy, taking the shape of popcorn, and display vibrant neon green hues with hints of amber and blue hairs, accentuated by underlying blue undertones. These resinous nuggets are coated in a fine layer of sandy milky white trichomes and sticky sweet resin.

Suggested Activities

Users describe the Blue Dream high as an immediate and uplifting cerebral experience, inducing motivation, focus, and a rush of creative energy.

Simultaneously, it provides a gentle and soothing body high, leaving you feeling warm, numb, and relieved of any pain. It’s a great match for chatting with friends or attending a festive party!

Alternative Strains

  • Pineapple Dream
  • Jack Herer
  • Citrus Funk
  • Lemon Amnesia

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27 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Jamie Chapman

    I am a BD fan for a long time and i am very satisfied with their Blue Dream, it’s one the best sativa i’ve smoked for a long time.

  2. Susanna Kirschmann

    I love this stuff for painting art! Makes me so relaxed in my body and its easy for my mind to focus and chill !!! Super chill !! But not too heavy on the body! Still relaxing on the body!

  3. Jonathan Samuel William

    Kushfly mostly have high quailty or good deal products but this one is both. For the quality, price is very affordable for a marijuana delivery.

  4. Anthony Santiago

    Wow 20% THC for $20/gram. Green bud Lottery!! I highly recommend Blue Dream. Great taste. Wonderful buzz. My new favorite from Kushfly.

  5. Kyla

    Called up Kushfly to get a good recommendation. They said this was there most popular stuff, so I bit. Was strong as hell. Excellent cannabis delivery too.

  6. Anneliese Marie Lewis

    I LOVE ordering from Kushfly they never disappoint! Great flowers and they are always hooking me up with free goodies. This strain is an amazing buy, one of my favorites!!

  7. Natasha Venable

    This has always been a fav strain, but it seems to of much better quality here. I really enjoyed it.

  8. Ashley Patel

    Accidentally ordered this instead of Blue Cheese. I didn’t realize until after I smoked it too, because it still has a berry smell just like Blue Cheese, but this actually made me even happier. I realized when I started having more energy and creativity than usual. I felt like dancing which I usually don’t when smoking an Indica. I checked the label and sure enough I got the wrong stuff, but I’m sooo okay with that. I might have to screw up more often in life and see what happens. Happy accident.

  9. William D

    This strain is perfect for all sativa-enthusiasts looking for a strong, reliable smoke. Blue Dream is almost a household name at this point and for good reason. It gives a great buzz, still allows for getting things done or having some fun, and is consistently reliable time and time again. My only complaint would be that my last delivery was almost more stem than flower, causing me to reorder sooner than desired. But hey no one’s perfect every time and it only happened once. With Blue Dream you know that when you place an order, you will soon enjoy some high quality flowers, there is no guessing. Will order again and strongly recommend.

  10. Mario Totelloni

    First off, the smell of the buds is magnificent. Fresh out the jar, it was clear I got some dank bud. it burns smoothly and even as ever. After a few hits a light cerebral high kicks in, and a few more hits after that, a really cool balance of self awareness and energy is brought on. Very awesome vibe.

  11. Alison Silva

    This is far away one the best herb from all and I love it (:

  12. Matt Bucci

    This Blue Dream is very nice. it has a lovely floral and earthy flavor and burns nicely in a joint. The high is great , sustained relief for pain sufferers and i would recommend this for stress and anxiety as well. Thanks Kushfly for the dank meds.

  13. Dan G

    Nice heady high. Helps me concentrate

  14. Alisha Holman

    Blue dream is one of the only sativas i like and can handle. I tend to get paranoid with sativad but with this i stay calm and can actually enjoy the sativa effects. This is my go to during the day if need be. Im more of a night smoker and can also use this during that time. Love it love it!!! Will order again for sure.

  15. HC

    this is my go to strain for a chill but focused day. it’s a great hybrid with the ability to be both relaxing with decent body effects but has a more cerebral energized and focused effect than a lot of hybrids in this category. I like that it is not too stimulating though and you can have some before bed too. very versatile. good bang/buck.

  16. Katherine de la Rosa

    Blue dream is my favorite daytime flower. Enough to take the edge off without putting me to sleep.

  17. Kae

    This made one of my roommates sleepy. I tend to experience a head high followed by being super tired. Another person I know receives a jolt of energy after their head high and it causes them to stay up. So I guess it’s different for everyone. One thing we all had in common when we compared our experiences is that this strain comes with a really nice notable wave of euphoria. Very good for interrupting panic attacks. Getting again!

  18. Candy R

    Nice buds moist give you a steady buzz motivating and pain relieving. The service is very good fast and timely. Lush fly is Fly!!. Very stemy

  19. carriefriedman (verified owner)

    Professional. As you can see even the website itself is professionally done and user-friendly. Ordering was a breeze, delivery was on time and the product is excellent – and very affordable for delivery. This is my place from now on!

  20. freestyleparsons

    I couldn’t imagine an easier to use service. Fast-n-friendly. Thanks!

  21. Hadi Daher (verified owner)

    My favorite strain for getting a good head high.

  22. Michael St (verified owner)

    This is a great strain when mixing or changing your sativa routine. The flower that arrived was very fresh & flavourful. Highly recommend

  23. Paul (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this Blue Dream. Perfect combination of head and body high so you feel nice a relaxed but uplifted and creative at the same time. No couch-locked feeling and perfect for the daytime. Get it while it lasts!

  24. Amorelle Olsen

    Honestly I have medicated with Blue Dream for a long time and it is usually pretty evenly merited but this crop has something extra-special about it. First of all the flower itself is beautiful, fluffy and bedazzled in crystals and perfectly cured. The really great thing though is the increased euphoric buzz, which affected me noticeably more than other quality Blue Dream I used just the day before. Gives a really beautiful cerebral rush of uplifting energy and makes everything seem shining and bright. Left me feeling super positive and ready for the day. Obsessed.

  25. kim

    Solid body relief seems to increase with each passing minute, building up until a warm rush of an indica-like euphoria soothes the body and makes you feel completely at ease.

  26. Ashley H.

    Blue Dream is one of my top favorite Sativa strains and this batch from Kushfly definitely holds up. It’s super fresh with tons of orange hairs and crystals. Nice big fluffy nugs and the smell is amazing. The high is perfect for my daytime activities and the price is competitive. Try it out.

  27. Claudia Lima (verified owner)

    Absolutely love LA Weeds Blue Dream Sativa! The euphoria is unmatched, and the sweet aroma is pure bliss. Highly recommend for a personal journey of creativity and joy! And it’s sooo fresh!

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