Lemon Tree Strain Review

Lemon Tree Cannabis Strain

Are you looking for an energizing, creative hit?

Then meet with Lemon Tree cannabis strain!

This tasty hybrid strain will have you feeling relaxed and happy in no time.

It offers a subtle citrus aroma with earthy undertones and has been known to stimulate creativity, inspiration, and a general boost of positive energy. When you open your bag, you are greeted with an intoxicating citrus scent and flavor that will have you mesmerized.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the unique Lemon Tree cannabis strain, its characteristics, effects, potential medical benefits, and more.

So grab your favorite pipe or vaporizer, and let’s dig in!

Lemon Tree Strain Effects 

Lemon Tree is used as an energizing daytime medication for those who suffer from insomnia, stress, or anxiety. It’s also great for those looking to enhance mood or increase creativity

Lemon Tree Strain Review

Initially, you will feel like you’re on top of the world after a few hits, with euphoria and a happy-go-lucky attitude filling you from head to toe.

As your cerebral state expands, your body will start to feel a light tingle that soon becomes a full-on buzz, keeping you relaxed and slightly numb, free of any physical aches or pains.

Due to the high THC content and full-bodied effects, many users use this strain to treat conditions like fatigue, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Features of Lemon Tree Strain 

A hybrid cross of “Lemon Skunk” and Sour Diesel strains, Lemon Tree marijuana strain’s flavor profile is lemon all the way with a welcoming intensity once you open the jar. 

Nugs are very round and dark in color; however, a thick coating of very bright trichomes helps to lighten up her look.

Lemon Tree Marijuana Strain

Lemon Tree buds have round dark olive green nugs that are absolutely coated in furry amber hairs and a thick coating of super tiny bright white crystal trichomes.

Most individuals notice that their high eventually turns physical, with a warming tingle that aids in relaxation. 

Flavor and Aroma 

True to its name, Lemon Tree takes on super strong notes from its parents, blending zesty lemon and fragrant skunk for a taste and aroma that OG cannabis users will recognize and love. 

Cannabis users who like a weed that tastes like lemon cannot resist Lemon Tree because it offers a perfect combination of lemon, citrus, & skunk flavors all in one. Its fresh taste instantly reminds you of a summertime glass of lemonade.

THC Level

This hybrid (70% Sativa/ 30% Indica) cannabis strain comes with a 29.3% THC level.

Suggested Activities

Lemon Tree’s relaxing and euphoric buzz simultaneously calms the mind and body.

The effects range from happy and giggly to ecstatic. Some may even feel invigorated enough to open up in social settings and adopt a talkative persona.

More experienced users can utilize this strain for daily chores with a sense of purpose and even a smile. 

Los Exotics Lemon Tree Strain

Alternatives for Lemon Tree Strain

Alternative strains to Lemon Tree would be;

  • Orangeade
  • Blueberry Yum Yum
  • Sour Banana Sherbert
  • Crunch Berries

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We hope you enjoyed our Lemon Tree strain review.

Now it’s your turn to speak.

Which effects of Lemon Tree weed strain do you like most? What is your favorite activity while enjoying it?

Share your valuable ideas in the comments section.

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  1. soraiaflores190 says:

    I take 5 different meds to treat my mental disability, and I still have panic attacks, I don´t sleep if there´s a noise, I feel a lot of pain in my body, I can´t maintain a regular routine, i don´t sleep and wake up usually at the same time, in fact i wake up usually after 3 pm, I am easily irritated by loud noises and around my house there are over 5 constructions going on – No kidding, my mom is 80, got blind due to glaucoma, my grandma also had, and I am in risk, so pot can help me on this too. I am coming out of a deep depression only to barelly survive, I don´t manage to cook my mom´s meals on the right time, I am always tired, or looking to scape, smoking pot that comes from traffic and it´s impure, so it is not good, I just experimented pure edible made from a flower planted not trafficked, and it made me realize that this is the med I need. I don´t know what flower is the best to help me, but i need to start having a normal life again, waking up before 8 am, doing my chores without losing myself and starting many things at the same time and not following through, my mom is blind so she calls me all the time, I need help to be calm and focused to stop whatever I am doing to tend her and returning to the chore interrupted and finishing it. which is something I can´t do, my meds reduce my attenntion span, give body pain, i can´t remember my own name at times, I forget clothes on the washer for weeks until they reek, because sometimes when my mom interrupts me I never return to what I was doing, it´s like I am on bad weed. What I need is some good ones to help me relax and not lash out on my mom, to be free from pain, to sleep without strong meds that put me out, it´s not sleep. I need moments of joy, which I lost, so, this is something great, weed is not only to get high and enjoy, sure, that is nice, but if it can also help me with my emotions and anxiety, and destroying the anxiety that is indeed killing me and stopping me from being able to give a good life for my mom now that she is 80 and blind, being on antiphycothics (sorry the spelling) makes me not going out of the box maniac nor depressive to the point of wanting to die, but it takes my motivation to wake up, i only want to sleep, I live on the beach, I can wake up early and learn how to surf, play beach volleyball, something, but I sleep. when i wake up i am behind schedule to prepare lunch and the stress snows ball, and on and on it goes. When I ate the good pot candy I came home, made something good for dinner, for a while I forgot the financial problems and the pain went away I could actually sing and enjoy doing some chores before going to bed to “be high” and watch flix and eat like crazy, it was different from all the pot I had had before. I was focused and yet relieved, it was a full moon, I felt if I had a few more candies I could fly to the mom, kkk, now how can I get medicinal hemp here? Who can think of a way to overcome the fact that , despite the fact maybe 30 to 40% of people smoke pot, even on the streets, it´s still illegal and to be able to cultivate it naturally and healtly to have the real deal is not for everyone.. Shalom, and let the permission for using it here comes soon.

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