DJ’s Gold Strain Review

Dj’s Gold Strain Strain Review

Is DJ’s Gold one of the best sativa strains out there? 

To help you decide, we are diving deep into its intense world.

As providing the best cannabis and weed infused products on the market to you, we also want to spread cannabis culture and awareness and help you to discover great products.

Today, our focus is DJ’s Gold Strain!

You know the feeling that you just need a physical and mental balance…

These strong sativa strains are an ideal option for those moments.

Strain NameDJ's Gold
Strain TypeSativa
THC Level27.8%
Flavors & SmellPine, Lemon, Berries
What is helpful for? Stress, Anxiety
Reported EffectsFocused, Creative, Euphoric
Recommended ActivityArt, Music, Socializing
ParentsDJ Short Blueberry & Kosher Kush

Which effects does DJ’s Gold Strain have? 

Choosing the right strain for reducing stress and anxiety can be REALLY hard.

That’s where DJ’s Gold Strain arrives on the scene.

It is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain a clear and focused mind while getting rid of their anxieties.

Its secret?

An energetic and creative influence.

In our experience, it’s long-lasting and potent effect gives you a clear mind to feel the day!

Pro smokers NEVER underestimate the pure joy of being content.

Instead, they find a way to get it.

DJ’s Gold Strain
DJ’s Gold Strain

Features of Dj’s Gold Strain 

DJ’s Gold Strain is among our favorite sativa products.


Because it is a high yielder and has a balanced and rich taste.

Producing dense, dark green buds with stark orange pistils, these sativa dominant hybrid is also very easy to grow.

Want to know the best part?

Besides its delicious terpene profile, this strain is perfect for elaborating high-quality homemade extracts.

Flavor and Smell 

Whatever its effect, you want your strain to be SUPER tasty.

And that’s why you’ll love it.

Combining the legendary DJ Short Blueberry and Kosher Kush, DJ’s Gold Strain has a potent and intense taste.

Thanks to touches of pine, lemon, berries and kush, its delicious sweet blueberry flavor offers a unique experience.

THC Level 

It is not among the highest THC sativa strains.

Still, it comes with a 27.8% THC level.

Dj's Gold Strain Delivery in Los Angeles



Combining the legendary DJ Short Blueberry and Kosher Kush, DJ’s Gold Strain has a potent and intense taste.

Suggested Activities

What to do while enjoying your DJ’s Gold strain?

For example, you can turn the lights off, put on your headphones and just embrace the splendid music.

Or go out and discover some new local restaurants?

Fun options are vast!

What are the alternatives for DJ’s Gold Strain? 

Well, we’ve made clear that DJ’s Gold Strain is great for a lucid mind and creativity.

What about other cannabis sativa strains with similar features and effects?

You also might find Tropicana Cookies Strain and Bonzai Strain enjoyable.

Dj’s Gold Strain Delivery in Los Angeles Today 

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  1. soraiaflores190 says:

    My church leaders will not like this, but in fact, this pure hemp is good even to worship, no kidding, i will find out a way to cultivate it here and make my edibles, all I need is the seed of the right plant, and maybe, someway, somehow to get chocolate, cereal, something sent here as if it´s just regular food. It can´t be a crime if I prove I get better, I will stablish a precedent. Even my mom can benefit from using the lotions on her legs for circulation and artrithis, the glaucoma has already destroyed her vision, but if she gets a bit high without knowing, she will feel happiness again and will find beauty on listening and will imagine instead of suffering on the dark and desire to see again. She feels life is not worthy if you can´t see anything. She won´t listen to an audiobook, she complains about the food, she does not get hungry as well, it would work wonders for her. I will do it. Send good vibes for us. Shalom.

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