Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles

Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles

Cannabis enthusiasts know that there is alot more variation among cannabis varieties than just indica, hybrid, and sativa. Aficionados invest in a deeper understanding of cannabinoids and terpenes to further explore the plant’s scientific side. If you just getting started with cannabis or don’t want to spend too much time learning the top 10 sativa products in Los Angeles, you might find this post useful to find out more in an easier way.

Simply knowing whether a strain is indica, sativa, or hybrid won’t tell you everything you need to know about it. While not perfect, it may serve as a springboard. If you have narrowed your cannabis preferences down to sativa varieties, reading up on the top ten sativa products will help you appreciate the subtle differences between them. In light of that, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel to be some of the top sativa products in Los Angeles.

Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles

1-Citrus Tsunami

When you need a mental and physical boost to get out of bed and get things done, Citrus Tsunami is the sativa strain for you. You’ll experience a surge of clear-headed happiness, motivation  and focus as soon as you let out the flavorful smoke. You can start a conversation about anything when your under the effects of Citrus Tsunami.  Citrus Tsunami is on the top of the Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles list.

2-Peach Cobbler   

The strain uplifts a person to new heights and keeps them uplifted for a few hours or more. The high from Peach Cobbler is as delectable as the flavor, with long-lasting effects that will leave you feeling elevated for hours on end. The high begins with a tingling sensation in the back of the mind and neck, which lifts your emotions and leaves you feeling euphoric. . Peach Cobbler has a seat on second place in the Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles list.

3- Julius Ceasar       

Julius Ceasar is a unique strain with Sativa qualities to give you a lift in the right direction and has a THC level of 26% on average. Julius Caesar’s heady effects will leave you feeling uplifted and focused almost instantly. You’ll be ready to take on any difficulties that come your way with a level mind and plenty of energy. You’ll feel an increasing burst of energy that isn’t anxious as the moving effects of the strain take hold.

4-Stella Blue                

When consuming the strain, you’re in for a euphoric and light-lifting ride.  The strain gives off a joyful experience and puts individuals in a chatty mood to socialize for minutes on end. The Stella Blue high, like drinking a Stella beer or five, gives you a giddy and euphoric feeling, similar to being tipsy. The high begins with an elevating cerebral influence that leaves you delightfully joyful and chatty.

5-LA Weeds Classic Sativa 7 Pack

In the middle of the Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles list the LA Weeds Classic Sativa 7 pack is the best choice for a pack of happiness. LA Weeds, one of the most well-known flower brands in the city, offers premium prerolls for a reasonable price. Invigorate your social life, spark your imagination, and get your day started off right with LA Weeds Classic Sativa Prerolls. As soon as you light one, a wave of warmth and joy will wash over you, and you’ll want to share the good vibes with everyone around you.

6-Blue Nebula

Blue Nebula is an uplifting energetic strain giving you the creative lift you need to take on the day.  It gives you creativity and keeps you inspired for hours on end, also gives you an energy boost.  The strain is what you need to maintain peacefulness throughout your entire being all while ensuring your creative juices are flowing through.

7-Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Sativa 14 Pack

When it comes to getting high and saving money, Marijuana Baba is your best bet. When you need a little elevation, some happiness, and some carefree fun, a joint made with Marijuana Baba Greenhouse Sativa Prerolls is just what the doctor ordered. Light one up first thing in the morning to kickstart your drive and focus.

8-Sour Apple Diesel

The strain has an intense euphoric high giving users an uplifting feel through the mind and body. For those looking for a new social strain, Sour Apple Diesel is a flower to look into. The flavor profiles contain potent herb taste tones with a sour apple note along with diesel tones.

9-KushBee Sour Diesel 1g Disposable Vape

If you want a pure sativa experience, you can not go wrong with KushBee Sour Diesel 1g Disposable Vape. Sour Diesel is a moderately potent Sativa-dominant strain that provides a pleasantly stimulating bliss without any overwhelming mental or physical effects.

10-Dabwoods Blue Raspberry Slushie Vape

Dabwood’s cartridges stand out from the competition thanks to there sleek form, making them the most aesthetically pleasing and fashionable option. Blue Raspberry Slushie vape hits you fast with a euphoric cerebral head high that’ll leave you euphoric and happy. Last but not least, Dabwoods Blue Raspberry Slushie Vape is the last sativa product on the Top 10 Sativa Products in Los Angeles list.

You can order these sativa products in Los Angeles right now and start earning points for your purchases to spend them on your next orders!

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