Black Candy Strain Review

Are you in the mood for a tasty strain that’ll give you an intense indica high? 

Then look no further than Black Candy, one of the newest-yet-best cannabis strains around. 

With its fruity, candylike taste and potent effects, it is perfect for relaxing after a long day or winding down before bedtime.

We assure you that you will be satisfied with this one!

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes Black Candy so unique.

So grab some munchies and read on as we jump into our Black Candy strain review.

Black Candy Strain Effects 

Black Candy cannabis strain gives a relaxing body buzz and feelings of happiness and creativity.

Put another way:

This indica strain has a specific restful effect.

Black Candy Strain Review

Los Exotics Black Candy strain offers relaxed smoothness, bringing a profound sense of peace.

It gets better:

Most consumers think that it has benefits for lack of appetite, managing stress, alleviating pain, and reducing sleeping disorders.

Features of Black Candy Strain 

Black Candy strain is a smooth smoke, crossing between “Black Diamond” & “Purple Candy” strains.

Having a sticky, semi-dense texture, its crystal trichomes shine through atop purple, orange and light green buds. It is cultivated indoors.


Let’s look at how it tastes and smells.

Flavor and Aroma 

This potent indica strain stands out with a woody and sweet flavor profile.

It’s also soothing, thanks to its charming smell that makes you crave more.

THC Level

One of the most potent indica strains, Black Candy weed strain contains a 33.4% THC level.

Black Candy strain

Suggested Activities

Remember: Black Candy strain gives a sense of deep relaxation.

With this excellent mood, having a nice massage and easing your muscles might be perfect. 

Or getting concentrated on your cannabis yoga is a great option, too.

Alternatives for Black Candy Strain

For the ones who want some diversity, we have two great alternatives with similar tastes, THC levels and effects to Black Candy weed strain.

The first one is Black Runtz strain.

It stands out with a sweet, fruity flavor with hints of grape, berry, and tropical fruit. This indica strain comes with a 30.2% THC level.

And one more:

Perfect Gumbo strain offers a distinctive bubblegum flavor and woody aroma and is great for evening and nighttime use.

It contains a %32.1 THC level.

Black Candy Strain Delivery in Los Angeles Today 

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We hope you enjoyed our Black Candy strain review.

Now we turn it to you.

Which effects of Black Candy do you like most? What is your favorite activity while enjoying it?

We welcome your valuable ideas in the comments section.

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