Kushbee Edibles Review

Kushbee Edibles Review

Kushbee Edibles are delicious medicated treats. I used to eat Edipure edibles and I was looking for something similar. These are even better than Edipure since they contain 300mg of THC. Kushbee has a bunch of different varieties available including gummies, cookies, cereal bars, and rice crispy treats.

Kushbee Edibles Overview

  • Available in 100mg or 300mg THC
  • Available in Over 10 Options
  • Hybrid Strains
  • Perfect For Deep Relaxation, Stress, Anxiety

Effects  (9/10)

I ate 5 gummy bears before bedtime and I was knocked out all night. These tasty little guys are strong! Like a normal edible, these gave me a really deep body high and I felt heavy and sedated. Sometimes, edibles can give me a bit of anxiety, but not these. My mind felt pretty peaceful and I was able to fall asleep quickly and I woke up feeling rested and fabulous. None of that ‘edible hangover’ feeling at all.

Flavor  (10/10)

All these edibles are delicious! The cookies are chewy and fresh, like they were just baked! The gummies really taste like normal ones, and I am not sure how they infuse them with THC but they do a great job at masking the taste.

Overall (9.5/10)

Kushbee Edibles are a really great choice. My criteria when I’m searching for an edible are taste and effect. These delivered a delicious taste and a potent high. I also love Kushbee Edibles because they are super convenient and since they look like normal candy, you can take them just about anywhere. You can bring them to snack on in the movie theater or just throw them in your back pack and eat them through out the day.

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