Dank Vapes Review


Are Dank Vapes as dank as they sound?

In my humble opinion, the short answer is yes. I had a fantastic experience from the time I ordered the cartridge until my last inhale of the potent oil. Not only are Dank Vapes extremely easy to use, they are a discreet way to get my THC fix. I love that I can use them anywhere where vaping is allowed, and they don’t give off any marijuana aroma whatsoever.

Most of the strains contain over 90% THC so they are strong enough for the seasoned smoker. They fit any 5-10 thread vape battery and are available in 1g options, so they last around 280+ hits. The full cartridge lasted me about 2 weeks, but if you’re used to vaping more often then I recommend buying 2. Kushfly has a special going on right now where if you buy 2 you’ll get 1 free, so that’s perfect if you are looking to try a few flavors.

I tried AK-47 and Pineapple Express. The AK-47 was a great hybrid strain that hit me like an explosion of happiness mixed with giggles and hunger. I felt immediate euphoria and my stress seemed to melt away quickly. The Pineapple Express was a sweet strain that I enjoyed in the mid morning to give me a nice pick-me-up. This strain was also really nice and gave me enough energy to last for hours.

I would definitely recommend these vapes to new smoker and veteran smokers. The oil is really clean and smooth, and the actual cartridge is quality!

Be careful when purchasing Dank Vapes in stores other than Kushfly. There are a ton of counterfeit Dank Vapes in the market so be sure to buy them from a trusted place such as Kushfly.

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