Why Is Humboldt County So Famous?

Why Is Humboldt County So Famous?

Humboldt County, California is stoners paradise. This unique farming community is home to over 30,000 people and is populated by cannabis growers and native residents. More than a fifth of Humboldt’s population is involved in growing marijuana. Urban Dictionary describes ‘Humboldt’ as a ‘weed haven in Northern California with some of the best buds in the world.’

So, how did Humboldt become so affiliated with marijuana? During the 60’s-70’s, a lot of hippies got into the “back-to-the-land” movement, which was all about migrating out of the city, growing your own food, and building your own homes. Tons of them migrated to Northern California. Land was cheap and abundant, so people began planting cannabis. At first, the weed was just for personal use but after the US government sponsored a marijuana crop-spraying initiative in Mexico, the American public was looking for a new cannabis supplier. So hippies in Humboldt County began selling their homegrown weed on a larger scale. This was the beginning of the Humboldt County we know today.

Why Is Humboldt County So Famous?

What is Humboldt County like? It is a beautiful, natural, sparsely populated area. You may feel like to are stepping back a few hundred years, with most people living off the electricity grid. A lot of people are very independent, still growing their own food and farming their land. They even minted their own money. It is not in use, but there was a movement to have their own coins. It is possible the most independent place in the US.

Marijuana is embedded in everyday life in Humboldt County. The community’s economy relies entirely on pot. Elders, housewives, and entire families make a living by marijuana farming. The currency is either cash or cannabis.

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