Tangie Sunrise Strain Review

Tangie Sunrise Strain Review

Tangie Sunrise will infuse you with a delightfully happy and uplifted feeling, freeing you from any stress. This sativa produces an uplifting body and head high. This strain is best enjoyed in the daytime and boasts delicious flavors of citrus and diesel.

Aroma & Flavor

  • Orange
  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Sweet

Tangie Sunrise has a deliciously light and easy flavor. I recommend paring a joint with a cup of coffee or tea to really bring out the citrus fruity flavors. The aroma is similar to the flavor and fills the air with a scent similar to a delicious candle or perfume.


  • Sativa
  • THC: 24.7%
  • Delivers Euphoria, Uplifted Effects, Energy
  • Ideal For Daytime Use


This strain is a sativa and delivers the effects to prove it! Once inhaled, you will experience a nice relaxed body feeling, while your mind becomes energized and uplifted. You can be sure that all of your troubles from the day will melt away and you’ll be left with an overall happy feeling. This is a great strain to smoke if you have some errands to run or chores to do, since you’ll be in a great mood with a ton of energy.

Tangie Sunrise is a strain you should definitely add to your list of favorites. This sativa is one of the best tasting strains in existence today and produces an extremely clear headed, uplifting high.


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