Magic Pipe Disposable Vape Pen Review

Magic Pipe Vape Pen Review

Each Magic Pipe disposable vape pen is filled with a half gram (500 mg) of premium cannabis oil. The vape pen provides convenience by combining both pre-filled cartridge with the battery. Each vape is designed to last about 280 full hits.

The disposable vape features a glossy, all gold body, with a buttonless design. The bottom of the vape pen has a branded “M” logo that lights up as you take a puff.

All of the flavors in the Magic Pipe line are mouthwateringly delicious. I had the opportunity to try several disposable vapes. Some of the flavors I tried included Gelato, Strawberry Cough, and Wedding Cake.

      Boy oh, boy do these vapes taste and smell delicious. The Gelato was one of my favorites. It’s light, sweet and creamy with a sugary taste on the inhale. A pleasant Gelato flavor lingers shortly after. It was smooth all the way through.

      Magic Pipe Vape Pen Overview

      • Each pen contains 500mg of cannabis oil
      • Each vape lasts about 280 full hits
      • Buttonless design
      • Available in sativa, hybrid, and indica strains and flavors

      The pens have a decent amount of THC and gave me a good buzz with just a few puffs. Gelato is a relaxing hybrid that I enjoyed during the day. It delivered just the right amount of body relaxation paired with a euphoria that didn’t weigh me down. This strain still gave me enough energy to continue with my day, but with an elevated mood. Plus, I love how convenient the vape pen is. I can just throw it in my purse and use it while I’m on the go. I loved the Magic Pipe Vape Pen and recommend it to anyone looking for an easy and delicious way to ingest cannabis.

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