Select CBD Disposable Pen Review

Select CBD Disposable Pen Review

Each Select CBD disposable pen is filled with a half gram (500 mg) of premium hemp derived CBD oil. Each pen lasts about 250 hits and is super convenient since the oil and battery come as an all in one package.

Select disposable pens are formulated with essential oils to provide tailored effects. There are three options available at Kushfly, Focus, Relax, and Revive, each designed to fulfill your specific desires.

Select CBD Pen Overview

  • Each pen contains 500mg of CBD
  • Each lasts about 250 full hits
  • Available in 3 different options
  • Less 1% product failure rate and a top-rated return policy

I tried the relax pen when I was experiencing a migraine coming on, and I took 3 deep puffs of the pen. I loved the cooling effects in my throat, and the pen tasted like a light lavender flavor. After about 5 minutes, my headache was much lighter, and I was able to go about my day as I had planned. Usually when I have a migraine, taking Advil barely does the job and I have to lay down until it’s gone. After trying CBD, I will never go back to pain killers.

I love this CBD pen for many, but one of them being that it is SO convenient. The pen is small and discreet and when the oil is gone, I can throw it away. I have tons of old empty cartridges laying around my house because I never get more CBD oil to fill them with. I don’t have to worry about that with these pens. Once I am done using them, I’ll just toss them and order another.

The price is great too, only $45 for a .5g of pure CBD oil. The pen lasts me a few weeks, and I just pull it out and puff wherever I am. No one notices that it is a CBD pen and if people ask, I am always more than happy to share my love for this pen and the brand. Select has great, quality products overall.


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