Chronic Candy Chocolate Nugs Review

Chronic Candy Chocolate Nugs Review

By this point, everyone and their mothers have heard of CBD. Because of its extensive benefits, people are using it for all different purposes, from pain relief to PTSD treatment. There are tons of ways to ingest CBD as well. Stores shelves are filled with vapes, capsules, creams, and edibles containing CBD. With all these options, it is hard to know what CBD products to buy.

I ordered Chronic Candy Chocolate Buds from Kushfly a few days ago, and these gave me the result I was looking for in a CBD product. I was skeptical of green chocolate at first, but they tasted great and delivered a deep feeling of euphoria. Let me explain how these chocolate buds work.

Look & Taste

Chronic Candy is a unique chocolate edible that looks like cannabis nugs and tastes like chocolate. They’re available in four yummy flavors, Chocolate, Gelato, Milk & Cookies, and Strawberry Shortcake. Each one tastes just like the name and is 100% delicious. The good thing about these is since you can’t overdose on CBD, you can eat as many as you’d like with no negative side effects.

Chronic Candy Chocolate Nugs Overview

  • Entire container contains 200mg CBD
  • Available in 4 unique flavors
  • Contains 0% THC


I like to use CBD for relaxation, and I had some pain in my lower back and I was looking for something to help with that as well. Chronic Candy nugs totally helped with both of my ailments. About 30 minutes after I ate a few nugs, my back was feeling a lot better and I could notice a light euphoria taking over my mind and body. These contain 0% THC so I did not feel ‘high’ at all, as I normally feel when smoking or vaping weed. I ate about half of the container, so I ingested around 100mg CBD. The entire container contains 200mg.


Chronic Candy CBD Nugs are a great CBD option for those looking for relaxation and pain relief. Trust me, they taste better than they look and are a fun way to ingest CBD.

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